Top 5 Indestructible Cat Scratching Posts in 2020

When you’re looking for a scratching post that can keep your furry feline friend occupied, you’ll only want the best indestructible cat scratching posts. They can be a wonderful addition to your home if you own a cat as a pet. Scratching is a common behavior in cats and sometimes can be frustrating and expensive for those overly energetic felines. If you’ve ever had a cat decimate your beautiful furniture, then you know how devastating it can be. Coming home to destroyed furniture is the last thing you want to deal with when you have a cat.

So, a sensible option would be getting the best cat scratching post on the market. This guide will help you protect your furniture, while at the same time keeping your frisky and energetic cat occupied and happy!

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Benefits of an Indestructible Cat Scratching Post

best indestructible cat scratching posts
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As part of owning a cat as a pet, you will need to understand some of the important maintenance tips. When caring for your cat, you need to find the best indestructible cat scratching post and set it up in an ideal location in your house. Some people might not understand what the fuss is all about. Well, below are just some of the benefits of owning cat scratching posts.

    • Scratching posts are good for the claw health of your cat. During the scratching process, the cat sheds off the loose layers from the claws, making them healthy, sharp, and good for use once again.
    • The scratching activity can also help your cat stretch its whole body. This is especially true when you have a tall scratching post installed. Muscles need to be stretched every once in a while, even for cats! Your frantic feline will be even more prepared to pounce at any minute!
    • Some find that scratching can be a unique way for your pet to exercise. You’ll notice that during scratching, your cat stands on its hind legs, digs around, and stretches too. This can help your cat momentarily spend a bit of energy and get a bit of exercise from it, which is always a positive.
    • Each time your cat digs into the fiber of the scratching post, it’s satisfying to them. Our cats absolutely love using scratching posts, and it’s very apparent that they enjoy it. As such, you’ll end up helping your pet release some stress and continue about in their day.
    • When you provide a place for your cat to scratch, it helps make your furniture a non-target to them. When your cat is happy with their scratching post and finally have a place to scratch to their heart’s desire, then your furniture is now no longer a potential target for your cat.

If you think about it, investing in a cheap and affordable scratching post can actually save you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars of potentially ruined furniture.


Top 5 Indestructible Cat Scratching Posts

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Nova Microdermabrasion 53 inches Multi-Level Cat Scratching Posts
Best Indestructable cat scratching post

Product Name: Nova Microdermabrasion 53 inches Multi-Level Cat Scratching Posts

Product Description: You'll love owning this type of indestructible scratching post since it's multipurpose. It can serve as a welcoming area of rest for your cats, as well as several different levels of scratching post fun. Whether you have 1 or 4 cats, there's plenty of room for them all!

This is a great price point to value ratio. The materials won't be as good as the other posts that are in the $$$'s, but it certainly gets the job done.

Even if you have some very active cat scratchers, these posts can take a beating. If you don't have a cat scratching post in your house as a cat owner, you're doing it wrong!

The two large spacious rooms are fantastic for letting your cat friends have a place to relax. These rooms are made of gentle and comfortable materials that'll help keep your cats feeling comfortable. You'll probably find them napping in these rooms most of the time! Despite it seeming so big, it's actually very stable once set up properly. Even if you have energetic and playful kitties, you won't have to worry about it falling over.

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  • Stability
  • Comfort
  • Quality
  • Assembly


There’s a perfect reason why this scratching post is one of the best selling cat scratching posts around… It’s simply great! This cat scratching post does it all. Your cats will be endlessly entertained with this gargantuan tower of fun, enjoyment, and rest! It’s a blast for cats to use, is sturdy, and is priced extremely well. What more could we ask for? Cats will love this!


✔️ Very stable scratching post
✔️ Perfect napping spots
✔️ Multi-Level
✔️ Several scratching posts included


❌ Feels somewhat cheap


ZENY 33.5” Cat Tree Tower with Scratching Posts

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It’s not easy to go wrong with this indestructible cat scratching post. First and foremost, this post is sturdy and stable. This cat tree is made from highly durable wood and then wrapped in a soft finish, which helps keep your cats warm and cozy. Stability is seriously important for scratching posts. This is why this one has a reinforced bottom. It’ll have 0 issues with handling the weight of your pet, even if your cat is super enthusiastic.

The scratching posts integrated into the tree posts are also durable, due to them being covered in sisal ropes. This type of material is durable and makes it effortlessly easy for cats to climb and entertain themselves.

Its sisal theme continues onto the ladder too. The middle part is made of sisal material which makes it easy for your pet to hook into it and climb the ladder. The best part is that you’ll have an easy time setting it up. This product comes with all the instructions you need for assembly. In a few minutes, you can easily put together the entire post.

✔️Very easy and quick to set up ✔️Feels durable
✔️Sturdy and stable
❌Some claim it lacks a few mounting hardware


Catry Cat Tree Hammock Bed with Natural Sisal Scratching Posts

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Catry has been making quality pet toys for over 20 years now. Among those quality toys includes some of the best indestructible cat scratching posts available today. This post in particular stands out for having a premium quality. No cat owner wants to purchase a scratching post every few months.

The design is simple, but highly functional. You’ll definitely enjoy owning this type of scratching post as it can serve as a hammock for your cat. When it needs a place to nap, it simply jumps onto the soft fleece hammock.

The product comes in various sizes. Only you know which size is best for your feline friend. There’s no doubt that even medium-sized cats will have a place to play and rest.

As for the setup, many find it easy. Your post will with come with quick and clear instructions and hardware for mounting it.

✔️ Impressive quality
✔️ Comes with hammocks attached
✔️ Set-up process is simple
❌ Not the best for bigger cat breeds

Cyclamen9 Wall Mounted Scratching Post

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In order to make the best indestructible cat scratching post, it’s widely agreed upon that sisal is the material to use. This post contains sisal, and you can tell it’s of high quality. Other than keeping the scratching post durable, sisal is also good for helping your pets replenish and strengthen their claws. Even if you have several cats in your household, it’ll still hold up after years of use.

This post is designed to have dual sisal scratcher boards. The goal is to provide as much space as possible for your cats to take advantage of and use. If you have several cats in the house, then they have no need to fight for space. An occupied cat is a happy cat, as it keeps them from scratching your furniture.

Setting it up is simple. The package includes all the instructions you’ll need. It should be up and ready for some scratching in no time. Make sure you set it up correctly so that it doesn’t easily fall off when the cat starts scratching on it.

✔️ Durable
✔️ Blends in well with furniture or carpet
✔️ Setting up is easy
❌ Can easily fall if not set up correctly

LUCKITTY Small Cat Scratching Posts

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When it comes to getting the best indestructible cat scratching post, this Luckitty Small Cat Scratching post is certainly among them. Not only is the design absolutely elegant and adorable, but is also made of durable materials. Your cat will be easily drawn to using this scratching post. This post doesn’t take up a lot of space, and serves as a great way for your cat to exert their energy in a way that doesn’t ruin your couch or other furniture.

The product is recommended for different cat breeds, ages, and activity levels. Since it is free from any harmful chemicals and artificial dryers, it’s an ideal option for your pet.

For those who are wondering about its assembly, this one is also very easy to set up. Most scratching posts are fairly straightforward. The same goes for disassembling for storage or cleaning. The trick is to put it in a good location, one that’s at the center of attraction and attention for your cat. Once your cat scratches this post, they’ll keep coming back!

✔️Cute and elegant design ✔️Made of strong materials ✔️Easy to assemble
❌Overall stability could be better

Buying Tips for the Best Indestructible Cat Scratching Post

indestructible cat scratching post
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The Texture

Your cat wants the best indestructible cat scratching post, but what exactly makes some of these posts more high-quality than others? The texture is one of those reasons. Cats needs a post that they can dig into with ease. This is why the texture has to be a bit rough to allow the claws to sink into the material. You’ll find many scratching posts using materials such as sisal or fibrous ropes.

Sisal has always been a great option for most manufacturers, as the material is also durable and won’t require replacements as often other materials.


Chances are, that different companies would make indestructible cat scratching posts with different designs in mind. “Indestructible” to those searching around means long lasting at the very least. These posts have to stand out, while at the same time, be of high quality and well-designed. Some are interested in the “bundle” aspect of it – some prefer the combo scratching posts with hammocks for cats or small houses too. As such, you can always get a model that serves multiple purposes. If you opt for a hammock in the scratching post design, then your cat will always have a place to relax! (although they might still prefer to sleep in boxes, or other places where cats shouldn’t sleep in)


As you might have noticed under the section on benefits of scratching posts, they’re not all about sharpening claws. They can still help your pet stretch their muscles though. Plus, it’s a good reason why you might want to consider getting a tall scratching post. Each time your cat uses it for some scratching equates to a little stretching and exercising.

Setup Process

The overall setup process is also important, yet overlooked when looking for the best indestructible cat scratching post. Depending on the type of post, some might come in pieces and you assemble it yourself. As such, look at the set-up process before committing to buying a certain scratching post. The best way to understand the set-up process is look at the reviews about the product. Those who have assembled it before can give a clear view of the process. The last thing you want is struggle with the set-up process. It should be quick, easy, and accurate to the instructions. (if required)


The overall stability of the scratching post certainly can’t be underestimated. This is because you need a post that continues to be stable each time a cat uses it. So, look at the base design. Most sturdy ones would have a wide and reinforced base. This will improve the overall stability of the scratching post.


The durability will be affected by the materials used to create the post. If you find that the scratching post is made of sisal, then you should rarely need to worry about its durability not being good. Sisal is a great material. This is also another time you might want to consider the reviews about the product. Going through the reviews helps you find out if people find the product durable or not. Also, some top brands are known for making quality models that will always last longer. So, consider buying products from reputable brands.


For those who like to keep their furniture free from cat scratches, buying the best indestructible cat scratching posts should be the next thing to address on your list.

We’ve looked at some top options from some very well-known and reputable brands above. As of now, you should have enough information to get started. Go ahead and pick the right one for your pet. Always look at the various features that make a great scratching post stand out. Also, consider the durability. No one wants to buy scratching posts every few months. Owning a high-quality and durable post will be a choice that you’ll be happy you made years from now.