Tips for Choosing the Best Hamster Pellet Food

Hamsters are cute pets to keep at home. You will always laugh seeing its cheeks stuffed with food. They can also be quite amusing and yet another popular reason why people keep these pets. Today, we want to look at the best hamster pellet food you can get for your special little furball. It’s important that you give your pet nutritional and healthy food so they can truly enjoy it and benefit from it. Also, pellet food is known to have some of the best nutrition out of all of the possible food you can feed your hamster.

First, we have to look at what hamsters can eat. This will help give you a variety of food options for your pet, as well as help you know what you might want to avoid too.

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What Can Hamsters Eat?

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If you are going to care for your hamster pet, then you need to understand what are the different food options available for you to consider.

Below are some of the types to keep in mind:

Hamster Pellet Food

This type of food is made to be in pellet food and will often come with a balanced diet for each bit. They are often recommended for anyone who has no idea how to pick the best food for a hamster. You will not have to get different food types as the pelleted food will have most, if not all the nutrients that a hamster needs.

The pellets will be in different shapes and textures. The reasoning behind this is to help the pet enjoy the food, while at the same time encouraging natural foraging. This chewing habit goes a long way to improve your pet’s dental health.

Hamster Seed Diet

For this type of food, you need to buy a loose seed mix diet that has different types of foods. This can include grains, dried vegetables, and some seeds. The use of seeds is important, as they have many nutrients that your pet needs to grow.

Fresh Foods, Treats, and What Not to Eat!

Another great alternative option other than the best hamster pellet food is to get fresh foods and treats. Although, it’s recommended that you keep the treats to a minimum. Treats should be around 10 percent of the hamster’s diet. As much as we absolutely LOVE giving our pets treats more often, you should consider it as something that should be given sparingly. Stick to healthy alternatives such as whole grains, fruits, and fresh vegetables.

Before you think you can just feed your fuzzball with any plain ole’ food, here are some of the foods you should never feed a hamster.

  • Onions
  • Chocolate
  • Junk food
  • Raw beans
  • Raw potatoes
  • Apple seeds
  • Citrus fruits
  • Almonds

So, what is the best food for your hamster pet? We recommend that you consider a pelleted diet. The best hamster pellet food will always ensure that your pet gets a balanced nutrition. Not only that, but it’ll help promote dental health. You can try out a few of the pelleted diets to see which one appeals to your pet most in terms of flavor.

Top 5 Best Hamster Pellet Food

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Oxbow Garden Select Fortified Food for Hamsters and Gerbils

Product Name: Oxbow Garden Select Fortified Food for Hamsters and Gerbils

Product Description: This food is one of the best possible hamster pellet food in the market. Made with garden inspired ingredients, this blend offers flavorful food that even a picky hamster would not resist eating. To make it better, the food is non-GMO. Only the best hamster pellet food can be GMO free, while at the same time still remaining an excellent choice for your hamster. Hamsters tend to be picky eaters, but this food will appeal to many hamsters. It's made to be easy to eat, so your pet will no longer have to deal with unhealthy selective eating tendencies, which might be a problem with mix-based diets. This food type was made in conjunction with world leading vets and nutritionists. This means that you end up with healthy food that your pet will enjoy eating. The balanced diet this food provides means that you no longer have to worry about your hamster getting anything other than the absolute best!

  • Value for money
  • Flavor
  • Quality
  • Nutrition


To be among the best hamster pellet food, the food needs to be made with the best ingredients. None of these ingredients have GMO content, which means the food is safe for your beloved hamster. Also, the ingredients for the pellet food are among a balanced diet.

As such, this food will be good for providing your pet with the best nutrients possible, so that it can grow to be an energetic, happy, and healthy hamster.


✔️It offers a balanced diet

✔️It is non-GMO

✔️It does not have refined sugars


❌Some feel the nutritional value could be better


Kaytee Fiesta Hamster and Gerbil Food

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Coming from Kaytee, there is no doubt you’ll feel comfortable picking this type of food for your pet. This is because Kaytee is known as a top brand for making the best hamster pellet food and other pet foods. This one is made into different shapes and textures. The aim is to help support the dental health of your hamster as it chews on the pellets.

To ensure that it’s great for your pet, the food also comes with probiotics and prebiotics. These two are important to support the digestive health of your pet.

This food includes assorted fruits and veggies. Everyone prefers if their pet food contains healthy fruits and vegetables, if possible. This ensures that the food is rich in antioxidants, which can help provide your pet with the best health and a boosted immune system.

The use of natural preservatives helps maintain the freshness of the food. Even when used for months, you’ll notice the food remains fresh. This makes your pet enjoy the food even more. Pets prefer food to be fresh in just about every scenario, and your hamster is certainly no exception.

✔️ The pellets improve the dental health of your pet
✔️ The probiotics and prebiotics improve digestive health
✔️ This food has a high amount of antioxidants
❌ Some picky eaters might not like it

Wild Harvest Hamster and Gerbil Advanced Nutrition Diet

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This is one of the top options for you to consider if you are looking for the best hamster pellet food. This food stands out for its natural ingredients. This is because the manufacturer (Wild Harvest) takes the time to make a perfect blend of treats and food. This will result in a hamster food that will meet the dietary needs of your hamster so that it can stay healthy and active.

The food aims at providing your pets with a complete diet that contains minerals, vitamins, and other types of nutrients. As such, your pet will be happier and healthier.

Your hamster will love this type of food because of the flavor. Even picky eaters don’t have a problem with this type of food. You won’t have to keep trying different brands of food until you find one that your hamster agrees with. With this choice, it’s a safe bet for many hamster owners.

✔️ The food is highly nutritious
✔️ It has great flavor
✔️ The resealable bag helps with keeping the food fresh
❌ The food can turn to powder form in a few months

Oxbow Essential Hamster & Gerbil Food

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Oxbow is a top brand when it comes to making the best hamster pellet food. We have already included one of its products as the top picks! This one is another option from the same company that offers many benefits to your pet. You’ll be happy to know that this food is rich in antioxidants. With this type of food, you’ll be helping your pet develop a stronger and more resilient immune system.

The food is also made with prebiotic and chelated minerals. The prebiotics are important for boosting the health of your pet by boosting good bacteria in the GI tract. As for the chelated minerals, they can be easily absorbed by your hamster.

The food does not have any artificial ingredients or refined sugars. We all know that these small pets do not encounter refined sugar in the wild, so why give it to them in the first place? With its healthy ingredients, your bundle of fur will maintain great health throughout its life.

✔️ Impressive ingredients to boost health
✔️ Rich in antioxidants
✔️ There are no refined sugars in the food
❌ Small packaging and food content size

Supreme Tiny Friends Farm Hazel Hamster

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This type of food is a good overall choice for your hamster. Regardless of the type of hamster you have, this food is made to have the best nutrients a hamster would need. To make it among the best hamster pellet food, it needs to come with a great taste, which this does have. People and animals alike want their food to taste great, and hamsters are no exception to this rule. Even the pickiest hamster will likely enjoy this type of food.

This Hazel Hamster mix is good in terms of added vitamins. Vitamins are always going to help you end up with a healthier pet, without the need for spending so much on other expensive food types. With the use of pellets, it’s easy to see that it encourages natural foraging. As such, your pet will have improved dental health, which is yet among one of the numerous benefits of high quality hamster food.

Many pet owners find this food to be very balanced. This is because of the different variety of ingredients that this tasty mix contains. As a result, your hamster will be getting the best type of nutrition, which will lead to a longer, healthier, and happier life.

✔️ Has a great taste
✔️ The pellets encourage natural foraging
✔️ Suitable for all hamster breeds
❌ Does not maintain freshness as well as advertised

Choosing the Best Hamster Pellet Food

best hamster pellet food
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Should be made specifically for Hamsters

There’s a good reason why you’re currently reading this guide on choosing the best hamster pellet food. Your goal is to get food that is nutritious and ideal for hamsters. At the very least, you must understand that human food might not always be safe. However, if you take your time to do proper research, then you can easily find out about the best food specifically meant for hamsters. Read the product description fully and carefully to see which animals can safely use the product. Take note that the food meant for hamsters might be safe for other small pets such as gerbils and vice versa. However, this is not always the case.

The Ingredients

This should be the most important consideration for anyone looking for the best hamster pellet food. The type of ingredients used directly affect the safety and usability of the food. As such, check the product label to learn more about its ingredients. Depending on the type of manufacturer, the ingredients are likely to differ. However, there are some key ingredients important for boosting the health of your pet.


Reviews go a long way to determine if you would like the food for your pet or not. The last thing you would want is to get food that cannot deliver the best nutrients to your beloved pet. From carefully reading and skimming over reviews, you will learn more about what specifically makes the food good or bad. Some might claim the food is unsafe for certain hamster breeds. Knowing if a fellow pet owner with the same breed of hamster as you has a problem or not with the food would be very useful information.


Quantity is important for someone who doesn’t want to constantly go to the store to buy hamster food all the time. Look at the quantity you get in relation to the different factors mentioned above. No one also wants to pay a lot for just a little amount of food.


Depending on the manufacturer, the packaging can vary a lot. Some will have a resealable bag. These types of bag are important so that you can maintain the freshness of the food. Not only will fresh food taste better for your pet, but it will add to your pet’s love for food and nutrients.


The best hamster pellet food is the one that will help provide the best nutrition to your pet. Doing so will help maintain a healthy body and will keep your pet in top condition. Hamsters are simple pets with few maintenance needs. Once you provide them with the food that they need, you don’t have to worry as much about its growth and development. Get yourself the best food from the list above and watch your hamster grow into a happier, healthier, ball of joy!