Small Animals That Are Easy To Take Care Of

Small animals that are easy to take care of are among common pets that are usually taken into captivity. Having a small pet at home has plenty of benefits that make them well worth it. Most of them require less maintenance, making them ideal for different kinds of pet owners. Small animals are easier to take care of compared to larger animals most of the time, which is why you don’t need to be an experienced pet owner for them. Owning a small pet has numerous benefits, some of which include affordability, low maintenance, or maybe they just suit your personality perfectly.

Below is our list of small animals that are very easy to take care of, even for inexperienced pet owners. Here they are:

Small Animals That Are Easy to Take Care of in 2020:


Small Animals That Are Easy to Take Care of

If you’re planning to get a pet for yourself or your family, consider getting a hamster as a pet companion. Hamsters are often one of the most preferred pets for children. Make sure to look for a breed that is especially good with children if you do have kids. Hamsters are often small, cute, energetic, and easier to clean up than other animals. Hamsters are naturally nocturnal, but it is possible to train your hamsters to sleep at night. Many people prefer that their pet is active when they are, and hamsters are no exceptions. However, if you are more of a night person or are busy working during the day, you can bond with your hamsters at night. Hamsters are surprisingly versatile pets.

There are different kinds of hamsters, but the most popular ones that are often kept as pets are Syrian Hamsters. Syrian Hamsters are better known as Teddy Bear Hamsters, because their color is a mixture of brown, black, and gold. These kinds of hamsters are most suitable for children as they are extremely friendly and easy to handle. Syrian Hamsters are some of the biggest hamsters that exist – they can grow to be 4 to 7 inches. In captivity, they can only live for an average of 2 to 3 years. These small pets tend to reach their full maturity quicker compared to other animals.

Hamsters are known as small animals that are easy to take care of because of their personality. They are a good pet because they are low maintenance and are fairly easy to train and take care of. Aside from that, they can be perfectly content living alone. Also, they can become one of your best friends if you raise and handle them properly. Handling them regularly is not a problem because they enjoy interaction. They are playful little creatures that get along well with just about anyone.

It is ideal to place them in a quiet area because they are sensitive to loud noises. They are very susceptible to loud noises, due to their excellent hearing. However, when they are in a good mood and being playful, you may hear them making chirping sounds. This could mean a wide variety of things, but is mostly related to a reaction to something that they are seeing or hearing. Hamsters are relatively affectionate, but they do not require much attention. They can entertain themselves through the use of different toys such as a hamster wheel, tubes, and ropes. They are excellent for lazy pet owners as well!

Guinea Pigs

Guinea Pigs

Hamsters and Guinea Pigs often go hand-in-hand, but both of them have unique attributes. Guinea Pigs are more active and expressive than hamsters, which is why they require will daily interaction. These small animals that are easy to take care of can stay and play even in small places. They have a unique personality, and can even get along well with other animals in some situations. Obviously, staying with large animals may also cause distress. Distracting them with toys and exercise in their cage will help keep them occupied and happy. 

Guinea pigs are recommended for both adults and children because of their docile personality. At first, they may seem frightened, but once they get use to you and their environment, they can be tamed easily. With consistent and proper handling, you can easily form a bond with your pet. Guinea pigs are not aggressive pets either. Even though when they’re stressed, they very likely will not show any signs of aggressiveness towards their owners.

The average size of a guinea pig is usually between 8 and 12 inches long and they typically weigh 0.7 to 1.2 kg. While in captivity, guinea pigs can live an average of 4 to 8 years with proper care and handling. Like hamsters, guinea pigs can be just as good of a pet, maybe even better, depending on your preference. Aside from being easy to handle, they don’t require a lot of food, are very entertaining creatures, and can be surprisingly loving.


Small Animals That Are Easy To Take Care Of


Gentle, docile, and affectionate are how rabbits are typically described. The are considered small pets that can be easy to take care of, but they are also fragile. You should interact and handle them with care, since they are quite sensitive. They also get scared easily, especially when they are exposed to loud noises. You should always keep them as calm as possible, especially when handling them because they can bite aggressively or in defense. For them to have a good life, proper housing, appropriate diet, exercising, and socialization are important factors.

Rabbits need a large enough cage in an ideal location. You can even build a hutch for them if you’re up for it! Rabbits should not be placed in an enclosed area since they are active pets that need to exercise and play regularly. You may need to provide them an enclosed area where they can sleep and rest, but make sure that they have a more open space after resting. Since rabbits get scared easily, providing them a place where they can hide in their cage is ideal.

They require companionship – not with humans, but with other rabbits. With that said, it’s advisable for you to have two rabbits in order for them not to be lonely. However, if you have male and female rabbits, separate their cages to avoid unwanted pregnancies. Before you consider putting a male and female rabbit in the same cage together, make sure that they are well accustomed to each other. They can engage in an aggressive fight that may lead to an injury or even death of the other rabbit.

The diet of rabbits should include everything they need for a healthy and balanced diet. You can achieve this with a mixed formula specifically designated for rabbits, as well as giving them fruits and vegetables on occasion. Should always ensure that they have fresh and clean water as well. Usually, rabbits can live for 5 to 8 years depending on their breed and environment. With proper care, they can also live for as long as 12 years. These small pets tend to be more active if they stay in a cage that is suitable for their lifestyle.


Aquarium Fish Hiding Places

Fish are also a popular pet that are less expensive and much easier to take care of compared to many other pets. Pet fish will typically stay in and prosper in a glass tank or aquarium. Goldfish and Betta Fish stay in a fish tank with or without filtration, which make them a popular option as a pet. There are some fish that are hard to maintain, but many breeds of fish are easy to take care of.

Having fish as your pet does not require much investment at all – may it be your time or money. You just need to provide them food, water, filtration, and heat (if need be). Also, make sure to provide them an aquarium that is large enough for them to swim in to support their growth. In addition, make sure to clean their aquarium weekly and provide them with an appropriate level of clean water. Fish are considered small animals that are easy to take care of because you don’t need to put in a lot of time and effort to make them warm up to you.

Fish are great pets because there are some health benefits that they can provide to people. Having fish in your homes can help you reduce stress, reduce blood pressure, improve your heart rate, and can even improve your eating habits! Fish might also be a great option for those people who suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

Leopard Gecko

Small Animals That Are Easy To Take Care Of

Leopard Geckos are also known as “Eublepharis macularius”. This is a lizard species that is commonly kept as a pet since they are known for being docile and not aggressive reptiles. This lizard has a cute appearance and has a wide variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. Aside from that, they are naturally tame and can tolerate handling very well. However, sometimes they are nervous and tend to jump, which may cause them to drop on the floor. As a defense mechanism to escape from their predators, they can detach their tails and escape quickly.

Supervise children when they want to play with leopard geckos so that they handle them with care and don’t drop them. Unlike other geckos, Leopard geckos do not have sticky toe pads that are common among many other lizards, which is why they cannot climb walls. Something else to note is that Leopard Geckos are nocturnal and cold-blooded reptiles. Provide them with a housing that is quite close to their natural habitat. Give them a place to hide, enough space to climb, a big enough enclosure, adequate heating, and feed them with a nutritious diet so that they can grow to be healthy and happy. After all, these lizards can live very long time, so it’s important to give them the best care possible. 

As for their food, Geckos are insectivorous that is why you must feed them as many insects as they want to consume and provide them with a wide and shallow water bowl for them to drink and bathe. Leopard Geckos usually live for 20 years if they are provided with proper and loving care. They can generally grow between 18 to 28 cm in length. Leopard Geckos are small animals that are easy to take care of because of their perky personality and very straightforward requirements and needs.

Small Birds


Birds are one of the best options if you are in search of small animals that are easy to take care of. There are many different kinds of bird species. You need to conduct thorough research for you to understand the best type of bird suitable for your lifestyle. Most birds are social creatures that require your undivided attention and time occasionally, so they are not ideal for those who are extremely busy owners. Like any other animal, small birds also need general care.

As an owner, you must provide them their basic needs such as a clean cage, food, water, toys, exercise, and lots of attention. The cage of your birds should be spacious so that they can still freely fly around in, even though they are contained in a cage. The larger their cage is, the better. Providing them with fulfilling activities such as bird toys and interaction are essential for these creatures. 

Recommended toys for them includes bells, swings, and ropes. If you have a lot of time, training them is the best thing to do. Birds are naturally talented and intelligent, which is why they need a great owner who will properly take the necessary time and effort needed in giving these birds a great life. They are one of the best small animals that are easy to take care of because they are a versatile pet that can be taken care of by even children if properly educated. As soon as you and your bird have an intimate connection, you will know right then and there that the time, effort, and money that you put into your pet bird was well worth it.

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose A Small Pet

  1. These small pets don’t require as much time and dedication as cats or dogs and they can easily be cared for entirely within your home.

  2. Small pets tend to be cheaper to purchase, even when housing is included, which will help you save money.

  3. They usually have a shorter lifespan, which can be a benefit if you want a short-term commitment with them. However, this isn’t the case for every animal on our list, especially birds and leopard geckos.

  4. You don’t need to invest lots of time with them. This is true, especially if you’re busy working since some of them do not require as much human companionship or daily care time, unlike dogs and cats. If you don’t have enough time to dedicate to these small pets, choose a pet that does not require a lot of time and effort to bond with.

  5. They often have lower maintenance costs for their daily food, toys, and grooming.

  6. In general, they are likely to have much lower veterinary costs than larger animals.

  7. Small pets are easier to tame than larger animals.

  8. They are likely to make less of a mess and cause less damage to your furniture and other belongings.

  9. Small pets can be picked up, carried, and transported easily, even when they are sick.

  10. Children are more likely to be comfortable with them since they are less aggressive than large animals.

Facts About Owning A Pet

1) Can improve your well-being

If you have a pet at home, you’ll probably spend time with them. Spending time with your pet sometimes allows you to squeeze in some physical activities, especially if you’re interested in training them. Simple activities that you would do together with your pet exercises your whole body, and can even potentially make you fit and healthy. If you have a dog that requires regular exercise through walking or running, you would definitely benefit from them because their exercising routine will also be a part of yours.

2) They serve as a wonderful companion

Most pet owners get a pet as a companion, especially if they live alone. It’s a wonderful feeling to come home knowing that there is someone waiting for you. If you have a bad day, you can freely tell them your rants without any repercussions. Pets are a good companion because most of them are clingy, especially if you already have established a strong bond with them.

3) Help lower your stress levels

Taking good care of a pet is effective in changing your mood in a positive way. When you come home tired and exhausted, just go ahead and play with them. Pets can give you an added boost of energy, which is always something that most people will appreciate in just about every situation. Studies show that having a pet helps reduce cholesterol, blood pressure, and triglyceride levels compared to those who do not have any pets.

4) Can help you make friends

Pet owners have their own communities where they can mingle with other pet owners. It’s a great way to make new friends, especially if all of you in the group share the same hobby or passion. With the help of social media, you can easily reach out to people who can help you, especially if you have questions regarding your pet that other experienced and responsible owners may be able to answer!

Final Thoughts

There are a seemingly endless variety of small animals that are easy to take care of. There are several important aspects that you need to consider when bringing a pet into your home, such as patience, time, budget, and dedication. Make sure to do intensive research before getting a pet to ensure that it is a perfect fit for your individual lifestyle and needs.