Good Apartment Pets that Are Cuddly

Are you looking for good apartment pets that are cuddly? Well, if your answer is yes, then you’ve stumbled upon the right article. 

Most of the time when it comes to pets, we always want to have one who is; friendly, intelligent, affectionate, easy to handle, and easy to train. Additionally, of course, cuddly too! 

There are a lot of pets that have those characteristics, but they aren’t ideal for apartment living.  

As we’re aware of, certain pets are too active, noisy, large, and not suitable for apartment living.  

So, we’ve created a post to help you choose a pet that is perfect for you and your apartment lifestyle. Below are some good apartment pets that are cuddly and can improve your life!

Good Apartment Pets that Are Cuddly

6 Good Apartment Pets that Are Cuddly 


Good Apartment Pets that Are Cuddly

If you happen to be a dog lover, there’s no reason for you to get disheartened in the event that you are living in an apartment.  

Dogs are not called “Man’s Best Friend” for no reason, after all. Not only are they very strong-willed creatures, but they are also incredibly loving. Like people, dogs are social creatures who want to be acknowledged, to form bonds, and to be cherished. When dogs lick their owners, not only does it show that they are comfortable around them, but also their love and affection towards them.  

There are various breeds of dogs that can flourish, even in smaller spaces such as apartments. Sometimes, just being with an owner that they trust can be more than enough.  

Believe it or not, even some breeds that are known to be aggressive or undesirable, such as Pitbulls or Rottweilers, still have the potential to be loving and cuddly pets. As long as they are properly cared for and treated well, they won’t be aggressive. If you do have the option, dogs can be truly wonderful animals, not just specifically for apartments. From their endless licking to their dedication to their owners, dogs are absolutely worth the time, effort, and money. Dogs are one of the most cuddly animals that many people think of, and dogs are well deserving pets who can truly create wonderful memories in your life.

Great Dog Breeds for Apartments:  

  • Pug 
  • Bichon Frise  
  • Shih Tzu 
  • Chihuahua  
  • French bulldog  
  • Cavalier King Charles 
  • Great Dane  
  • Greyhound Poodle  
  • Yorkshire Terrier  

However, with all that said, some people simply can’t have dogs as pets in apartments. If your lease states that no pets are allowed, then there isn’t much else you can do other than try to talk to your landlord about potentially allowing you to keep a pet in the apartment. If dogs specifically are not allowed, but other pets are, then you definitely do have some more options, so keep reading.



Cats are known to be one of the most ideal animals you can pick for apartment living.  Depending upon the cat’s personality, it could either love attention, or even not really care for it much at all. So, remember that certain cat breeds and their age determines how obedient and quiet they are likely to be. In case you’re searching for a pet that’s unique, energetic, and trainable, a kitten could be an incredible option! Cats are wonderful pets for people in apartments as they are small, don’t need to be taken out for walks, and are typically fairly cheap and low maintenance to care for. Also, they aren’t nearly as noisy as dogs are, so for people who appreciate some peace and quiet, cats are an ideal option.

All throughout history, cats have been portrayed as individualistic, cool, and independent creatures who do what they please. It’s true, cats can sometimes be bad pets and aren’t for everyone, but they get a much worse reputation than they deserve. Cats can be just as loving and caring as other animals. Both cats and dogs share their love with their owners in their own unique ways. Much of the time, cats are patient creatures who have plenty of capacity to show their love and affection. If dogs simply aren’t an option for you, cats pretty much the next best thing!

Great Cat Breeds for Apartments:  

  • British Shorthair 
  • Maincoon 
  • Ragdoll 
  • Javanese  
  • Persian  
  • Russian Blue  

But, what if you’re allergic to cats? What if you simply don’t like them? Good news for you – we have some other options.


Good Apartment Pets that Are Cuddly

An ideal pet for somebody who needs a gentle, but soft and easy-going companion – Rabbits can be just as cuddly and tender as other pets! 

When you think of the term “bunny”, you probably think of an adorable little fuzzball frolicking about in the grass minding their own business. This imagery isn’t too far off from reality, as rabbits are wonderful, engaging, friendly, and adorable pets. Bunnies can even provide as much affection as a cat or other cuddly and. Not only that, but rabbits have their own personalities that make them even more unique pets. From peaceful and modest, to active and expressive, rabbits are suitable for just about any pet owner.

Just like cats and dogs can form a bond with their owner, rabbits can also do the same. When a rabbit is truly cared for and shown affection, they can provide you with a wonderful sense of fulfillment. They are extremely appreciative of proper care.

Many rabbits will let their owners cuddle and pet them, especially when they are on your lap or nearby. Likewise, if they don’t feel that they’re cared for or don’t enjoy the company of their owner, they are capable of scratching or biting you.

Therefore, it’s essential to supervise any children that might want to play or pet your rabbit. Kids often pet too aggressively and might not respect the boundaries of your rabbit. All things considered, when treated right, given proper attention, and properly cared for, rabbits are a loving pet.  

Rabbits for Apartments:  

  • Dutch Rabbit 
  • Holland Lop 
  • Meissner Lop  
  • Small Scale Lion Lop  
  • New Zealand Red Rabbit  



Many rodents are appropriate for small houses and apartment living.  

Just about most rodents wouldn’t mind being taken care of and snuggled from time to time.  

Not only that, but rodents are wonderful pets in their own unique ways. They have many benefits to them. They are great pets if you’re not looking for a long time commitment in an animal. Rats, guinea pigs, mice… All have the potential to love their owners when properly cared for. You’ll never have to deal with the same amounts of costs and effort associated with cats and dogs. If you’re looking for a cheap pet that is low maintenance and very simple and straightforward to care for, rodents might be an extraordinary option for you.  

Rodents for Apartments:  

  • Chinchilla  
  • Gerbil  
  • Hamster  
  • Mouse  

Guinea Pigs  

Good Apartment Pets that Are Cuddly

Guinea pigs are very similar to rabbits and other fuzzy animals, as they can be cuddled just as much as them. In fact, guinea pigs are known to show affection for their owners and love spending some quality time with them. Although, they do have the potential to nip you every once in a while if they’re startled or scared. Generally though, guinea pigs are fairly tame creatures. They can even sit on your lap while you pet them and help you unwind from your long and strenuous day. However, they make extremely cute and memorable chirping sounds that many guinea pig pet owners love to hear!

The tenderness that a guinea pig gives their owners is certainly far from anything commonly found in most animals. After all, they are considered “rodents”, so their nature is to be skittish foragers. Yet, they still display great levels of affection.  

Once your guinea pig fully trust you, you’ll experience this wonderful part of pet ownership that comes from owning a guinea pig. 

At the heart of it all, guinea pigs still are social creatures. It’s actually suggested that you get 2 guinea pigs, as they can get along with each other just fine and will typically prefer to be kept in pairs than be solitary. At any rate, two guinea pigs will have no problem keeping each other company, especially if you’re gone for the day.  

Guinea pigs have unique personalities, just like in cats and dogs. Guinea pigs are some of the best first pets that you can possibly get for a child!

Guinea Pigs for Apartments  

  • Abyssinian/Abyssinian Satin 
  • Baldwin  
  • Coronet 
  • Peruvian/Peruvian Satin 
  • Silkie/Silkie Satin 
  • Teddy/Teddy Satin 
  • Texel (Curly)  
  • White Crested  

Pocket Pets  

Pocket pets are another group of warm-blooded animals that are typically small, and you guessed it – pocket-sized! Some of these pocket-sized creatures that fall into this category include rats, mice, sugar gliders, pygmy hedgehogs, and ferrets.  

These kinds of apartment pets will be different from your standard cat and dog and will typically not need too much care. However, if you live in a state that requires a permit for some of these animals, this is something that you should be aware of before you purchase them. 

In some states or areas, owning some of these pets is illegal. Always do proper research to make sure you are fully complying with the law before you go ahead and purchase one of these animals.

Pocket Pets for Apartments:   

  • Pygmy Hedgehog  
  • Ferret

Sugar Gliders  

Sugar Gliders are exceptionally sociable creatures who do best when kept with other sugar gliders. These little marsupials love interfacing with individuals. They are very energetic, so if you’re a person that is solitary or doesn’t have too much energy most days, you should probably consider something else, such as a guinea pig or hamster instead.

Sugar gliders also require much more maintenance and need a larger space in comparison to other similar pets.

However, sugar gliders are absolutely adorable and they actually can fit in your pocket with ease.

Another downside to sugar gliders is that these cute critters are actually illegal to own in many states. Plus, in states where they actually are legal to own, finding a veterinarian nearby that can treat them in the event of an injury or sickness might be difficult.

What’s more?

All things considered; these creatures are incredibly unique and colorful pets. Additionally, they spend plenty of time with their owners once they do feel comfortable around them. If you do get along well with your sugar glider, they’ll be spending plenty of time in your pockets!

Cute, fun-loving, and energetic are some of the main qualities of sugar gliders. Just simply make sure they have plenty of space to play in their cage and are given fresh food and water. Like we previously mentioned, sugar gliders are another pet that requires a great deal of time and responsibility from their owners. Whenever given sufficient time, love, affection, and warmth, sugar gliders will return the favor by being an absolute joy to have in your life.


Birds usually are not thought of as cuddly or loving pets, yet most bird owners will say otherwise. Many birds are incredibly intelligent and require a lot of dedication, time, space, and money to maintain. Plus, many birds are able to live very long, as some can even live for more than half a century easily! If you’re even considering a bird at all, be ready for the long haul. While it’s true that certain birds such as parakeets only live 5 to 10 years, others such as parrots can live over 80 years! This is why it’s so important only purchase a bird if you’re willing to maintain them for that long.

With all that said, they can be extraordinary apartment pets, since depending on the size and type of bird that you get, some don’t take up too much space. Hearing a bird chirping in your home can be a wonderful sound that many pet owners never get to experience.

Birds, while unique and individualistic, still are social animals. If you don’t give them enough attention, they can be prone to depression, just like people and other animals can.

Some birds are much higher maintenance than others, but if you’re interested in some exotic birds to take care of in your apartment, check out our post.

Birds for Apartment:  

  • Canary  
  • Cockatiel  
  • Parakeet  
  • Parrotlets 


When you’re thinking about cuddly pets, birds are simply not the first choices that pop into most people’s minds. Many pet owners who never had a bird as a pet before probably don’t think that birds can be cuddly or affectionate pets, but this is far from the truth. A bird that is a wonderful pet, smart, cuddly, and a true friend can actually be a cockatoo. This bird adores interaction, affection, and warmth that their owners can bring.  

Cockatoos are an incredible option for an owner who’s looking for an intelligent and friendly bird. Hence, they are best for experienced bird owners, as these gorgeous flying creatures don’t do well without a lot of care and attention. If you have bird experience and the capacity and willpower to provide for this exceptional bird’s needs, a cockatoo can be a fantastic pet.

What else about Cockatoos?

They are generally known to be perky, warm, and cuddly pets that will begin to trust their owners more and more as they bond. If you are interested in the cockatoo and will want to train them, always consider getting one at a young age, as they will be more susceptible to your training. Not only that, but birds are incredibly intelligent, and as long as you’re a great owner, they’ll never forget you!

These birds long for friendship and attention, just like many of us do. So, if that isn’t given routinely, cockatoos may show signs of depression. They are the ideal pet for any individual who intends to invest a ton of time and energy with a pet that they truly enjoy being around. Since cockatoos can live 40–80 years (depending upon the species), you can easily have a potential lifelong friend.

How to Teach Your Pet to Cuddle  

Good Apartment Pets that Are Cuddly

With these pet options, it’s essential to remember that each and every creature is an individual some might be different than others. Some may take more time to get accustomed to you than others. Some may be more difficult to train as well. While each animal is extraordinary and unique in their own ways, many still have the potential to be trained properly:

  • Spend time with them: taking a few minutes out of your day or more (ideally) to spend with your pet can gradually strengthen your bond over time.
  • Talk to them about your day. Have a conversation with them. They won’t understand what you’re saying, but the added interaction helps. Once your pet is familiar enough with your voice, that can be a great sign.
  • Be consistent with them, don’t neglect them for several days and then try playing with them.
  • Cuddle them! Did we really even have to say?
  • Respect their boundaries. Some animals don’t like certain things and they will typically be vocal about it when they want you to know.
  • Reward them with treats. Every animal love treats, and you can even use it as bonding time.
  • Always be cautious, attentive, and get to know your pet well. Over time, you should pick up on things that they enjoy and they don’t enjoy.

Choosing a Pet for Your Apartment Living  

Good Apartment Pets that Are Cuddly

When you attempt to own pet for your little loft or apartment suite, available space (both inside and outside) is always something that you have to consider before you make a decision on a pet. Although it’s tough to hear, certain animals are impossible to keep an apartment, plain and simple. Things such as horses are completely out of the question for pretty much every person who lives in an apartment. If you live in an apartment with a horse and we’re totally wrong, please let us know!

Similarly, larger pets and dogs may be much harder to pull off, especially if they aren’t even allowed in the first place. Many apartment owners state that Pitbulls or Bulldogs won’t be allowed in many areas.

On the flipside, little pets that are much too energetic for your tastes might not be the best option either. Playing with them consistently requires a lot of time and energy. Sometimes, we can almost feel like they’re too energetic. The best plan is to take a gander at your lifestyle, available time, and personality to see which pet would be ideal for you. Always check with your landlord before you think about getting any pet, as many or all pets may not be allowed.

Final Words:  

Having a pet can be quite a challenging, rewarding, and incredibly fulfilling experience.  

Regardless of what kind of pet you have, many of us are looking for pets who can give us affection, loyalty, companionship, and love – just like what pets are looking from their owners too! 

However, when we live in apartments, our options for pets choices will be limited due to pet agreements in the lease, limited backyard space, and limited inside space.

With that said, there are still plenty of great options for apartment-friendly pet living. 

Therefore, we suggest that you pick at least one of the good apartment pets listed above. Only you can truly know which pet will be right for you, so why not pick something from this list that you’re interested in so that you can find the best cuddly pet out there?

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