Extra Large Guinea Pig Cages Indoor Piggies Will Love

Do you have guinea pigs? Or are you perhaps planning on adopting one (or more!) in the future? Guinea pigs, also known as cavies, are adorable, cuddly little animals that make amazing pets. The truth is that these short-tailed rodents (of South American origin) are some of the most recommended exotic pets around – and for good reason! These little critters are great for beginner pet owners too – especially for families looking to establish responsible pet ownership in their children. But, if you want to keep your little cavies happy and healthy, you might want to look into extra large guinea pig cages indoor pets would love.

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Guinea pigs aren’t like hamsters, they aren’t meant to be put in tiny cages. If you want to keep a guinea pig happy and healthy, you’ll need to provide enough space for them to roam around and stretch about in their cage. This is why a large cage is often necessary. For some people, they actually prefer getting extra large guinea pig cages that indoor guinea pigs would love. Plus, it’s completely understandable, of course, to want to spoil your little (or not so little) rodent pets. They could live up to their teens, after all!

Today, we’re going to talk about guinea pig housing, as well as their enclosure requirements. Hopefully, we can enlighten you to what your little piggy needs to be healthy and happy! We’ll also be discussing a few recommendations for extra large guinea pig cages indoor piggies will like too.

Guinea Pig Enclosure Requirements

extra large guinea pig cages indoor

When it comes to cavies’ enclosures, you have to find one that’s of a decent size. The simple fact is, a lot of the cages being sold for guinea pigs today are far too small for them to be comfortable in. These little rodents need enough room to be able to roam – and they need a separate space to nest, too. Furthermore, you will want to give them an area for going to the bathroom, as well an area for feeding and drinking water. Also, remember that even if you splurge on extra large guinea pig cages indoor pigs will appreciate, you still need to let your guinea pig out every now and then. After all, no creature is meant to be caged all the time!

Requirements for Enclosure Size

It’s true that guinea pigs are basically one of the biggest rodents that people keep for pets. However, the current cages that are typically being sold are still far too small for creatures of their size! In most cases, guinea pig cages are barely bigger than a hamsters’ – and this is really a learned idea that needs to change. Yes – everyone at this point should learn that guinea pigs must be given larger cages! This is because unlike hamsters and similar small rodents and gerbils, guinea pigs don’t use vertical space.

In contrast, guinea pigs actually use floor space, which means that they need a lot of flat space to exercise. You can add things like ramps or even more platforms to help provide some variety, but the fact of the matter is – you’ll still want to get extra large guinea pig cages. So, what size exactly should you get for your guinea pig? Here’s a quick guideline:

  • For 1 guinea pig, 30” by 36” is a decent size. 7.5sqft is generally the minimum.
  • For 2 guinea pigs, 7.5sqft minimum is also okay, but 10.5sqft would be best. 30” by 50” is ideal.
  • For 3 guinea pigs, 10.5sqft is the minimum, but ideally you would want 13sqft. 30” by 62” is ideal.
  • For 4 guinea pigs, 13sqft is the minimum, but you should aim for bigger. 30” by 76” is what you want, but if you can get it bigger it’d be best.

Note that for all of the above written sizes, they are simply minimum figures. The bigger, the better!

Why Can’t I Just Use a Smaller Cage? What’s Wrong With That?

Well, technically, you could put your guinea pig in a smaller cage/enclosure. Nothing is stopping you from doing it, really – if you don’t have the space you can technically just use a smaller cage and instead allow your guinea pig a lot of time (as in, like, several hours in a day) to roam around outside of the cage. However, this is not ideal, because you will end up having to supervise your pet to make sure they don’t chew up or damage anything important. You’ll also end up having to constantly clean up after them if they defecate anywhere outside of their crate.

Because of this, we would simply suggest that if you feel you don’t have the space in your home to get an adequately sized cage, you may instead want to consider a hamster or anything else that is similarly small.

How Do Guinea Pigs Benefit from Bigger Enclosures?

Simply put, guinea pigs that are given enough room to get exercise and to roam around are happier and healthier overall. These cavies have a relatively long lifespan of 5-7 years, and can sometimes even live longer than 10 years! Imagine living your life in a tiny cage where you can’t move around and stretch for half a decade or more – can you tolerate such a dreary life? Even if you were allowed to roam outside of the cage with relative frequency, you still wouldn’t be happy.

A pig that has enough room to walk around, roam, and exercise is one that will live longer, too – because they will be able to avoid health problems. You’ll be able to avoid things like diabetes, anal impaction, bumblefoot, and even heart disease if your pet is allowed adequate exercise. If you give them enough space, another bonus is the fact that they will then be able to get the exercise whenever THEY feel like it, instead of whenever you have the time to let them out.

Note: Use paper-based beddings, allowing for 2-3 inches in depth for maximum absorption. Avoid pine shavings and cedar shavings because they usually have chemicals that are bad for your pet!

Getting Accessories for Guinea Pigs

If you want to get a little something extra for your cavies so that they can be completely comfortable, you can consider putting some accessories in their cages. Of course, you will need to get the basics, such as a water feeder and a food bowl.

Other than that, you will want a hay rack, chew toys, and even a hidey house. For the hide house, you can use one that is store bought, or you can instead choose to use a flower pot (a small one, of course). You can also include some fleece! Some people even like sewing a little fleece pouch that they throw into the cage. Some guinea pigs enjoy hiding in the pouches, especially when it is cold. They find the pouch to be rather cozy! Wouldn’t you?

Oh and of course… remember to get lots and lots and lots of hay. You’ll want to give your cavies hay every day, ideally served from a hay rack. Of course, you will want to make sure that you give your cavy some variety too, so you need to supplement their diet with some greens and other veggies. You’ll also want to make sure that you offer fruits on occasion.

One more thing – if you really want to go a little further, you can choose to also purchase some treats for your beloved little rodent! Guinea pigs enjoy treats just as much as cats and dogs do!

Extra Large Guinea Pig Cages Indoor


Product Name: AmazonBasics Pet Habitat

Product Description: There's a simple reason the Amazon Basics Pet Habitat made our top pick. This cage offered by Amazon itself comes in three sizes - standard, large, and jumbo. Because we are focusing on extra large guinea pig cages indoor pigs will be comfortable in, we'll only be talking about the jumbo sized cage here today!

Offer price: $

  • Price
  • Quality
  • Accessibility


This enclosure is simple, perhaps even basic, but that should be exactly what you expect if the name of the product itself has the word “basic” in it, right? Nevertheless, the AmazonBasics Pet Habitat comes with great features for a great price, making it a fantastic buy. It is 48.6 x 26.6 x 20.6 inches (length by width by height), certainly spacious enough for one, maybe two guinea pigs at most. Furthermore, it comes with a (limited) one year warranty just in case you run into problems within your first year of ownership.

The base of this crate is PP plastic, and the upper part is made out of iron wire. It comes with a water bottle (non-drip), a hay guard, and even a balcony (with included access ramp). What’s even more enticing is the fact that there is a space underneath the balcony where your guinea pig can hide away if it wants some alone time. Also, a food dish is included (it’s tip proof, too!).

This crate is rather easily assembled, requiring no tools at all. Isn’t that great?  Accessing the crate is easy – it has large openings on the front of the cage and on the top of it too. The doors, which are rather generously sized, certainly make it easier for you to get your pet out for bonding time or cleaning time, too!


✔️ Easy access with front and top doors (large in size)

✔️ Balcony with access ramp

✔️ Hideaway spot underneath balcony in case guinea pig wants some alone time

✔️ Comes with no-drip bottle for easy water access

✔️ Well ventilated

✔️ Fast and easy to set up, with no need for tools

✔️ Affordable

✔️ Comes with warranty (1 year, limited)


❌ Not as durable as other cages, you will need to be careful

❌ Some quality control complains


Living World Deluxe Habitat

extra large guinea pig cages indoor

The first product on our list of extra large guinea pig cages indoor pigs will love is the Living World Deluxe Habitat. It’s honestly easy to see why it’s on this list, considering it comes in three sizes: standard, large, and extra large. This enclosure is a hybrid cage, with an upper part consisting of a wire frame and a base made out of plastic. This cage will provide your pet with a safe place that is well ventilated and roomy so they can get all the exercise that they need.

Your little pet will adore this cage with its balcony, which is accessible via a ramp. On this balcony is a food dish which cannot be tipped over, because you can secure it to the floor of the balcony. This is great for anyone who ever had to deal with clumsy pets that always knock their food or water over. The extra large size is a generous 46 and 8/9ths inch in length, 22 4/5ths inch in width, and 24 inches high.

This cage is also rather aesthetically pleasing and can easily blend into any room given the fact that it is white in color. The domed tops also offer a pretty nice touch, making it even more attractive. Even better is the fact that the domed tops open separately, which means that you’ll be able to easily access the cage in order to clean it. A hay guard and also a drip bottle are also included for your convenience.

Pros and Cons of Living World Deluxe Habitat

✔️ Opens 3 ways for easy access ✔️ Tip-proof food dish
✔️ Balcony
✔️ Durable
✔️ Hay guard and drip bottle included
❌ Harder to clean than other cages
❌ Must be assembled properly to be durable
❌ Not so good for chewers 

Midwest Guinea Habitat Guinea Pig Cage

Living World Deluxe Habitat

Another one on the list of extra large guinea pig cages indoor piggies will love is the Midwest Guinea Habitat. This cage offers 8 full square feet of space for your little pigs, enough to house 1-2 guinea pigs rather comfortably. This cage comes highly rated by some 4000 people who have purchased it before, making it a top choice if you want a great, durable cage for your pet! This cage has the following dimensions in length by width by height: 47in by 24in by 14in.

The wire top on this cage is fully removable, allowing you easy access for cleaning or for spending quality time with your pet. Additionally, the top also allows multiple access points – and it also folds, for your complete convenience. The cage also comes with divider panels, letting you separate areas at will, just in case you need to make some partitions.

The bottom of this cage is leak proof and washable. The durable bottom is easily removed for cleaning purposes, making it a great choice for pet owners who don’t have a lot of time to deal with hard to clean enclosures. The bottom is canvas lined with PVC, by the way – something that is truly great for helping little guinea pig feet remain unharmed.

Pros and Cons of Midwest Guinea Habitat

✔️ Large enough for two guinea pigs
✔️ Can be partitioned if you wish, allowing for separate areas
✔️ Great for first time guinea pig parents
✔️ Easy to set up, easy to clean
✔️ 1 year warranty
✔️ Gentle on guinea pig feet
✔️ Top can be accessed in different ways, and can be folded for convenience
❌ Liner can pick up a smell if not cleaned properly
❌ Some guinea pigs may chew on the bottom liner, therefore not ideal if your pet is a chewer

Zeny 37 Inch Cage with 4 Levels

Living World Deluxe Habitat

If you’ve ever wanted a multi-story enclosure for your guinea pigs, then you’ve found one in the ZENY cage! This cage has 4 levels – enough space to allow your pet to scurry around at will! It’s got plenty of space and comes with accessories such as water bottles and food boxes made of plastic. The design is also paw-friendly, preventing your beloved pet’s sensitive feet from getting pinched and hurt.

The trays on this cage are easily slid out, making it even easier for you to clean. It also has two very large openings on the front that’s meant for easy access. If you aren’t using the cage, you can put it away rather easily because it folds up! Therefore, you won’t have to worry about this large cage taking any space in storage. The fact that you can fold this cage also makes it possible for you to more easily move it around if you need!

Another great thing about this cage is the fact that the tray at the bottom is removable and slides out. As a result, cleaning this cage is much easier!

The only real disadvantage to this four stories enclosure is the fact that guinea pigs aren’t really vertically inclined, meaning they will usually prefer only the bottom floor. As a result, your pet may not even really be able to take full advantage of the four full stories.

ALSO: This might not be the best cage for guinea pigs. Many owners have posted that they had to modify this cage to make it guinea pig proof. Many guinea pigs don’t enjoy the ladder and wire floors. Some owners however, have made it work. So, this might be a great or better option for specifically not guinea pigs.

Pros and Cons of the Zeny 37 Inch Cage

✔️ Four levels, allows for more vertical space in case you don’t have a lot of floorspace
✔️ Easy to clean with slide out tray
✔️ Plenty of included accessories
✔️ 2 easy access front panels
✔️ Foldable for storage and portability
✔️ Has wheels if you want to move it around
✔️ Affordable
❌ Not always ideal for guinea pigs because they do not always utilize the vertical space
❌ Ladders aren’t always secure and guinea pigs may fall or get trapped (secure the ladders properly if you wish, but doing this will make them permanently attached)


When it comes to your Cavy, finding extra large guinea pig cages that your indoor pets will love is certainly a worth it feat. Not only will the guinea pigs be able to get more exercise, they will also be healthier and happier in general. Providing enough space for your pet can truly help it live the best life possible with minimal levels of stress or anxiety. It will also help in the prevention of boredom, thus ensuring that your pet will live a long, but healthy and happy life!

Finally, remember that you should always keep your pet’s cage clean – give it a quick cleaning every few days. Change the bedding regularly, and give the cage a good scrub down every couple of weeks! This will help prevent odors and also keep your pet in good hygiene.

We hope that this guide has helped you find the best possible cage for your guinea pig. Don’t forget to get accessories and to change up the arrangement of the cage every so often, it helps keeps things interesting to them!