What Birds Can You Have as Pets?

Curious about what birds can you have as pets?

Birds are gentle, friendly, and lovely creatures – you might be lucky if you see them on the branches of trees, making some beautiful noises and even singing. 

Who wouldn’t want to have a lovely bird pet at home? Most people love the company of birds and it’s hard to resist their visual and audible charms.

With that said, if you’re interested in keeping a bird as a pet, keep reading to find out what birds can you have as pets in your home!

What Birds Can You Have as Pets?

What Birds Can You Have as Pets? 

Many birds can be superb pets and extraordinary companions. However, they aren’t for everybody. Birds in general, especially bigger ones, can live for decades, be extremely loud, might make a mess, and are harder to care for than other pets. 

Before getting a bird, a potential new owner should make sure that they fully research the bird’s needs, including their demands, nutrition, and housing. The same should be said for just about every other pet, not just birds. You should always do extensive research on any animal that you might be interested in as a pet see if it will truly fit your lifestyle and personality. Not only that, but veterinarian costs associated with birds can be very costly, especially in the event that your bird becomes hurt or ill.

With all of the above said, if you’re still dead set on getting a bird is a pet, here are some of birds that you have as your pets:



If you’re looking for a lovely (pun intended) bird who can be great company, you can stop your search now. Lovebirds love bathing, so always provide them access to water so they can enjoy themselves. Although, some lovebirds aren’t a fan of water, while others can’t get enough of it.

Regardless if they enjoy it or not, it’s important to regularly bathe your lovebird, as it can help clean their feathers, make them feel more comfortable, and can generally benefit their health.

Lovebirds (Agapornis) are known to be a great acquaintance, to both birds and humans alike. They are very individualistic, but can potentially be more aggressive than other birds such as parakeets or cockatiels, so it’s important to take that into account before you go ahead and buy a lovebird.

Lovebirds are very social birds, so they generally prefer to be kept in pairs. If you can only get one lovebird, regardless of the reason, it still is possible. However, if you only have one lovebird, they can be more prone to depression and might need much more social interaction from their owners if this is the case.

However, these birds can be loud! They have a much higher pitch than other birds, and this might be irritating to some pet owners. The good thing about this is that even if they might be too loud, you can always keep them entertained with plenty of toys, ropes, bells, balls, and more. You can significantly reduce the noise from your lovebirds if you give them enough interaction and objects to keep them occupied.

According to the MSPCA, lovebirds should be given a wide variety of food, ideally a mix of seeds, grain, vegetables, and fruits. These birds are herbivores that can live over 15 years if given proper care!



For seasoned bird veterans, parrots can be an excellent choice, if you have the patience and dedication for them. There are over 100 different types of parrots that make up the species Psittacidae.

Parents are some of the most well-known and recognizable types of birds out there. Parrots require immense amounts of care, money, and dedication to keep them healthy and happy. Parrots are terrible bird choices for anyone who has never had experience with caring for a pet bird, so always be aware of this. Considering that parrots are capable of easily outliving you, (as some parrots live for more than 80 years) you should research them extensively and fully before making the decision to buy a pet parrot.

A parrot’s diet will consist of a mix of both meat and vegetables, as they are omnivores. A good diet for a parrot should ideally contain nuts, seeds, a mix of bugs and insects, fruit and more.

Parrots will require daily care and attention, so keep that in mind when you’re considering a parrot is a pet. They are much more difficult to care for than other birds, yet they are some of the most intelligent, loyal, observant, and wonderfully unique pets out there.


What Birds Can You Have as Pets

Parakeets, aka Budgerigars or Budgies, are a great choice for pet owners who aren’t the most experienced with birds. They are much easier to care for than other birds such as parrots, and can even be cared for by children if properly taught. Although they aren’t as amazing as parrots in terms of their intelligence or overall appearance, they can still be excellent pets. Not only are they easily tamed, but they can be a fantastic loving and loyal pet to pet owners who are willing to put in the time and effort into maintaining them. With training, Parakeets can eat out of your hand, follow orders, learn tricks, and much more.  

These birds are a much more manageable size than larger birds too. They still will need interaction, and ideally should be kept in pairs, as they will be much more likely to be happier when kept in pairs rather than not.

Budgies have a normal life expectancy of 5-13 years. Ideally, you should purchase a cage that is spacious enough to comfortably hold them in. Always include things like water dish, perches, toys, and the food bowl. They love playing with chimes and other toys as they cannot only benefit their well-being but can keep them entertained and healthy.

You should give them fresh water every day, ensure that they have a well-balanced diet, and always keep their enclosure clean. Budgies love treats and there are a wide range of treats that you can feed them. Budgies love millet sprays, but just like other birds, but you should only give them it occasionally.

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Even though parakeets can do well on their own, you should always keep them in pairs as most birds in general will tend to be social creatures. If you do decide to only get one parakeet, you’ll have to spend much more time with them, as they will be much more prone to depression and feel lonelier when kept alone. They also come in a wide variety of colors, ranging from beautiful blues to gorgeous greens. Consider brightening up your home with these amazing creatures! 



Cockatiels can be fairly intelligent birds, yet are beautiful and much more easily kept than alternatives such as parrots or other demanding birds. They love spending time with their owners, sitting on their hands or shoulders, and are some of the most common types of birds kept as pets. There’s a good reason for that, too.

Cockatiels are much less aggressive than other birds and make great pets for inexperienced bird owners. Not only are these birds gentle, but they are intelligent, affectionate, and don’t take up too much room. Their manageable size makes them much easier to care for as well.

Both cockatiels and budgies are some of the best pets that you can keep, especially in small homes or apartments. Just like the other birds we mentioned above, cockatiels also prefer to be kept in pairs rather than be alone. Most birds will usually be happier when kept in pairs, and these beautiful cockatiels are no exception.

If you happen to be a big fan of music, cockatiels can also be a considerably excellent choice for yourself. These birds can even dance along with music, and might even enjoy it as much as we do!

If you’re looking for manageable, yet incredibly unique and exceptional pet bird, look no further than cockatiels!

These winged creatures love to keep themselves engaged, so you should always do your best to interact with them often and give them toys so that they can keep themselves occupied and happy. Cockatiels are generally much more friendly than other birds, require much less maintenance, and are great choices for inexperienced bird owners.

These birds are great pets! 


What Birds Can You Have as Pets?

Caiques are extraordinary birds in the parrot family and are perfect for families with older and more capable children, or for any individual who is looking for a parent in a smaller sized package. These pudgy, splendidly colored birds come in a wide variety of colors – including green, orange, black, and white. These birds are very energetic and love to play with toys and keep themselves entertained. They have very high levels of energy and love expending it. They even have a very cute and highly entertaining hop!

Caiques do have a tendency to nip, which is why they aren’t the best choice for younger children. They also aren’t as cuddly as some other birds, either.

Their diet consists of berries, a variety of fruit, and seeds. You can also give them vegetables, mixed nuts, and beans. They can live for even 40 years or more!

Caiques are definitely unique in their own ways. They are a very interesting type of bird to own, and even though they don’t have the best talking abilities, they can still learn to whistle and make very cool, cute, and interesting sounds!



A stylish bird to say the very least, Cockatoos are one eye-catching and adorable creature. They can form an immensely close bond with their owners, are among the most intelligent pet birds, are visually stunning, and can even recognize their owners!

However, these birds might not be the best for bird beginners as they are not only physically and emotionally demanding, but can be aggressive, be exceptionally loud, and are very expensive. These birds truly need someone who can meet every single emotional and physical demand that these birds require, so it’s important to be prepared for this level of maintenance before you even consider a Cockatoo as a pet.

Parrots and every type of bird in the parrot family are also prone to hormonal changes that can significantly affect their behavior. Many parrot owners often regret purchasing a parrot once they realize how much maintenance they truly require.

That’s not to say that if properly cared for, that Cockatoos won’t be great bird pets. You have to be prepared to deal with sporadic behavior, nips, screaming, and more. If you aren’t mentally or physically prepared to deal with this type of maintenance, look elsewhere for other pets or lower maintenance birds instead.

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Cockatoos will have a diet similar to many other types of birds. This means they’ll eat a mix of nuts, berries, seeds, vegetables, roots, and even insects and other bugs.

If Cockatoos do feel close to their owners, they can be incredibly affectionate and calm when around you. They might even try to mimic your voice, or quietly sit on your shoulder while you take a break from the day to day stresses.

These birds, just as other parrots and birds in the parrot family, should only be considered by experienced bird owners. In the event that you actually end up hating your Cockatoo, there’s a good chance that you’ll feel lots of regret – that includes emotional, physical, monetary, and mental. We aren’t saying that these birds are terrible pets, rather that they are very demanding and need owners who can attend to their every need.

Just like other parrots, Cockatoos can live for decades. Depending on the type of breed, they can live from 10 to 50 years.



Finches come in a wide variety of different breeds and colors. These delightful little birds are common in just about every part of the world except Antarctica, the Southern Pacific, and the islands of the Indian Ocean.

Finches are some of the most common types of birds that are kept as pets and there are plenty of good reasons for it.

Not only are these birds small and manageable to take care of, but they also are generally friendly, much easier to care for than other birds such as parrots, and don’t take up much space at all.

There are many different types of finches that just about any potential future finch owner will love. They come in various patterns and usually have very bright and vibrant colors that make them truly beautiful creatures to look at.

If you’re looking for a lower maintenance bird pet, finches might be the perfect choice for you. They typically make lots of short bursts of chirps, and are much less shrill than other birds, such as parrots that can shriek and startle you.

Finches have a life expectancy of 5 to 10 years, and they will be much happier when kept in pairs, just like almost every other type of bird. Make sure you give them a spacious enclosure, proper diet, and fresh water at the very least. Even though these birds don’t necessarily need toys in the same way that a parakeet might, they can still enjoy themselves when interacting with them.

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Because these birds don’t need specialized toys, you can even make them toys out of objects or materials that you have laying around at home. Not only are these birds much less expensive than some of the other options, but they are much easier to take care of, too.

Finches are some of the most low maintenance birds available to pet owners. Although they might not be as magnificent or grand in appearance when compared to other birds, what they lack in appearance is offset by a calmer personality, easier maintenance, and beautiful sounds.

What Birds Can You Have as Pets

Final Words 

Birds are lovely pets that can even potentially be your lifelong companion and friend. 

However, before you purchase a bird, ensure that you are fully aware of their monetary, physical, and emotional needs first. Birds, especially when in comparison to other pets, are much higher maintenance. You can’t just ignore them or forget about them whenever you feel like it.

If you are willing to put in the time and effort for these beautiful and incredibly intelligent creatures, then they can be wonderful pets. Hopefully, our list above should help give you a good idea of which bird can be your perfect pet.