Top 3 Best Vet Recommended Hairball Remedy

Discover the Top 3 Best Vet Recommended Hairball Remedy

The good thing about cats is that they are particularly clean and have little to no issues with maintaining their coat every day. In fact, some might clean their fur coat a little too excessively, which can lead to dreaded hairballs.

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However, while they are cleaning their coats, the snares on a cat’s tongue pull away free hairs to keep their coat clean. Yes indeed, this a might be a superbly proficient system, with the caveat that a considerable amount of hair is gulped or swallowed. Because of this, hairballs form. 

With that said, if your cat has hairballs, it will be uncomfortable for both of you to deal with. Luckily, there are some cat hairball remedies that are very effective at reducing the frequency of hairballs. Regardless of whether you have younger cat or an older cat, preventing hairballs will be beneficial for both you and your cat. 

If you’re tired of cleaning up hairballs and ready for them to become a thing of the past, below are the top 3 best hairball remedies for your cats. 

Top 3 Best Vet Recommended Hairball Remedy

What are Hairballs or Trichobezoars? 

Before we get into what the best hairball solution for a cat is, it’s important to know why these gross balls of hair show up on your carpets and floors and why cats are the #1 producers of hairballs among all pets.  

Cats groom themselves by licking their fur and during this behavior, they swallow a great amount of their hair. Often, cats will clean themselves, and digest some of the hair in the process. However, when they aren’t able to digest all of it, you guessed it – a hairball forms. When this happens, your cat will typically sit down and barf whatever they couldn’t digest up in the form of a hairball. If you’ve ever gotten up in the morning and stepped onto hairball randomly, you know how much of a pain they can truly be.

Top 3 Best Vet Recommended Hairball Remedy

What Is A Cat Hairball Remedy And How Does It Work?

A cat hairball remedy is typically a supplement or over-the-counter item that assists with helping your cat’s digestion so that they are able to digest hair properly and without barfing. Typically, most of these hairball remedies are given orally to your cat, either as a gel that they lick, or as a pill. One thing that many owners fail to realize is that regular grooming and brushing can help get any loose hairs that would otherwise be licked away by your cat. Additionally, upping your cats fiber via things such as cat grass or switching to a food high in fiber can also prevent or reduce vomiting as well. Top 3 Best Vet Recommended Hairball Remedy

Important Features to Consider When Choosing a Hairball Remedy 

A cat hairball remedy has a few aspects that you need to consider when looking for an effective option for your cat. Here are a few things to look out for when searching for a cat hairball remedy:  


Cat hairball remedies arrive in an assortment of flavors. In the event that your feline has exceptional taste standards (I’m sure many of you cat owners out there are familiar with incredibly picky cats), you can pick a flavor that they’ll savor and love.   


Some cat hairball remedies are made with a wide variety of sizes. Some are small supplements, while others might be in regular food form.

American Made/Reputably Sourced

It’s important to ensure that you aren’t buying your hairball remedies from shady factories or from somewhere that does not have high-quality standards. Hairball supplements made in the United States or other countries where there are stricter principles and oversight over the assembling procedure are excellent choices. After all, we only want the best for our cats, so we can’t afford to take shortcuts either.


Cat hairball remedies come in a wide range of forms such as: chewable supplements, liquid, and even gels. Having options is always great, considering some cats may prefer one form over another. Not only is it beneficial to your cats, but also to pet owners as well. Maybe some pet owners prefer liquid form, while others are much more comfortable giving supplements to their cat. Since many cats are individualistic, picky, and are simply odd at times, having options is always a big plus, especially when it comes to medications in general. 

Assurance or Guarantee 

An assurance or guarantee means that if whatever you purchased wasn’t effective for your particular cat, you won’t have to worry about fighting to get your money back for a return. This is especially true if you order online from many retailers, such as Amazon.

National Animal Supplement Council (NASC) Quality Seal 

The NASC Quality Seal guarantees high quality and safe supplements are used in products. It’s very similar to the FDA in many regards, but with a focus on animals.


Some hairball remedies work much differently than others. The ones that incorporate multivitamins often have ways to aid digestion through natural means, such as including ingredients like cod liver oil in them.

Natural ingredients 

Some cat hairball remedies are made with natural ingredients. These natural ingredients, many of which can be found in nature, will give your cat many benefits such as a shinier and healthier coat of fur.

How to prevent hairballs in cats?

The most ideal way to prevent hairballs in cats is to help them digest their hair better, as one of the main reasons for hairballs is simply the fact that your cat can’t properly digest the amount of hair that they swallowed when grooming themselves. Focusing on the root of the issue can help you significantly reduce hairballs in your cats.Vet Recommended Hairball Remedy | Cat Lax

Top 3 Best Vet Recommended Hairball Remedy 


OUR TOP PICK: Dechra Cat Lax Cat Hairball Remedies

Product Name: Dechra Cat Lax Cat Hairball Remedies

Product Description: Dechra Cat Lax Cat Hairball Remedies is extraordinary compared to other hairball remedies for cats. Despite the fact that the Cat Lax doesn't make reference to hairballs in its name, this item treats hairballs at their source, helping your cat with digestion and improving both their life, as well as yours.

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  • Chewable
  • Safe for Cats
  • Vet Recommended
  • Reduces Hairballs


Overall, this vet recommended hairball remedy for cats works exceptionally well. It can gently and effectively remove and help prevent hairball formation in your cats. The best thing about this hairball treatment is that it’s suitable to use by cats of all ages. It features Vitamin E and blends of cod liver oil to help leave your cat’s coat and skin looking as healthy as possible.


✔️ Effective at preventing hairballs

✔️ Affordable

✔️ Safe and Healthy to Use 


❌ Contains sweeteners


Dechra Cat Lax Cat Hairball Remedies 

Key Features:  

  • Made in the USA 

  • Perfectly safe for daily use  

  • Contains Cod Liver Oil 

  • Helps break down hairballs in cats

  • Infused with Vitamin E for optimal health 

  • Can be used long term  

Dechra Cat Lax Cat Hairball Remedy is extraordinary compared to other hairball remedies in the market. Despite the fact that the ‘Cat Lax’ doesn’t make any references specifically for treating hairballs, its main focus is to eliminate hairballs, as well as prevent them, in cats.

Believe it or not, many cat owners love this gel. It’s some of the best well-trusted hairball medicines available. This hairball solution for cats attempts to delicately and viably expel and help prevent any additional hairballs from forming in your furry little friend. It includes a mix of cod liver oil and Vitamin E to help leave your cat’s skin and coat looking spectacular. 

One part of this gel’s formula includes cod liver oil, which can act as combo – an oil and a naturally occurring part of omega-3 unsaturated fats – both EPA and DHA. These are essential for your cat, as they have anti-inflammatory effects that can even improve your cat’s coat and their skin, along with controlling hairballs. Dechra Cat Lax Cat Hairball Remedies is a very effective, yet affordable treatment for many cat owners.

It additionally includes white petrolatum, which helps hair pass via the stomach more easily. If you didn’t think it could get any better, you’re wrong. This gel also includes lecithin – a vital building block to your cat’s cell membrane, which is an antioxidant that can help hairballs be more easily digested.

✔️ Addresses multiple aspects of hairball problems
✔️ An affordable, easy-to-find product
✔️ Trusted by cat guardians
❌ Contains sweeteners

Check Price on Amazon

Tomlyn Hairball Remedy Gel for Cats 

Key Features:  

  • Contains soybean oil 

  • Tuna flavored

  • Single or multi-packs 

  • Satisfaction guarantee 

  • Safe for pregnant cats

  • Available in a variety of sizes 

  • Available in maple, chicken, fish, and catnip flavors

This all-around respected brand has been in the hairball gel business for more than 25 years! Tomlyn Tuna Flavor Laxatone Gel is a go-to choice by many cat parents to help aid with hairballs. This item is made from vegetable and mineral oils in a delicious tuna flavor gel, providing your precious cat with plenty of digestive help that will increase lubrication in your cat’s stomach. This gel has been helping cats securely pass hairballs, as opposed to hacking up hairballs around your home, for decades! If you have a picky cat who doesn’t love the tuna flavor, you can also get this gel in several different flavors – such as maple, chicken-flavor, and other flavors.  

This hairball remedy gel for cats includes a wonderful variety of flavors that just about any cat will love. Safe enough for everyday use, it additionally contains a mix of omega unsaturated fats for a shiner skin and fur coat. If this wasn’t effective, how could Tomlyn stay in business for so long?

The gel contains petrolatum as the main ingredient. It also contains a mixed blend of light mineral oil and soybean oil. These work together to help coat your cat’s hairs and help them to easily travel through their stomach.

The gel is made with corn syrup, malt syrup, and stick molasses. A mix of common and artificial flavors give it a taste that, while satisfactory to certain felines, may not work so well with picky cats. 

✔️ Very Affordable
✔️ Contains a balanced blend of lubricants
✔️ Most cats like the gel’s flavor
❌ Contains artificial flavors

Check Price on Amazon

Vet's Best Cat Hairball Relief Digestive Aid

Key Features:  

  • Contains 60 chewable tablets 

  • Chicken flavor

  • NASC-licensed recipe 

  • Single or multipacks  

  • Formulated by a specialist veterinarian 

Vet’s Best Cat Hairball Relief Digestive Aid is our best chewable hairball solution for felines. Preventing your precious feline from getting hairballs is something worth being thankful for. However, just like with humans, some people hate taking certain vitamins. Chewable supplements for cats are often a hit or a miss for many people, simply because some cats won’t touch it, while others love the taste. This is a great choice if you’ve attempted to previously administer a different type of hairball treatment that your cat wasn’t a fan of.

Made with great ingredients such as elm bark, marshmallow root, papaya, and psyllium seed, Vet’s Best Hairball Relief Digestive Aid Supplements helps your cat’s stomach digest more effectively, as well as helps lubricate any digested hair so that it goes in and out, instead of in and up.

Each bottle contains 60 tablets to give an entire 30 days of hairball treatment for your struggling cat. The recipe for Vet’s Best Cat Hairball Relief Digestive Aid has been reviewed by many specialists. 

This chewable tablet was created by an accomplished veterinarian and licensed by NASC. It has been refined and constantly improved throughout the years to be both effective, yet delicate on your cat’s stomach. You should use it daily for the best results, and you don’t have to be cautious because each dose is effective for cats of various sizes and age.

✔️ Safe for cats
✔️ Cats will love the taste
✔️ Made from a blend of high-quality ingredients
  ❌ Might be difficult to administer

Check Price on Amazon


Best Vet Recommended Hairball Remedy

Types of Hairball Remedies for Cats 


You can add the cherry on top of your grooming session by wiping down your cat with a damp paper towel or even a baby wipe. Believe it or not, this can actually make a subtle difference as you will be able to snag some loose hairs. If you do specifically decide to go with a wipe, make sure you choose one that is non-toxic, odor free, and won’t otherwise irritate or harm your cat.   

Olive Oil  

Although it may be hard to believe, something as simple as adding a teaspoon of olive oil into your cat’s diet can not only prevent hairballs, but can also help improve your cat’s coat, keeping it soft and elegant. Next time you’re in the kitchen, try to remember to add some olive oil to your cat’s food.


Did you know that butter can actually help cats with digestion? Butter acts similarly to olive oil, and can help your cat’s digestion out. If you had no luck with olive oil, try to add a teaspoon or less of butter to your cat’s food.

Butter generally isn’t as good as some of the other options, as it can potentially upset your cat’s stomach. Another thing to watch out for is that some cats are lactose intolerant, so if this sounds like your cat, you might want to skip this option.

Hairball Gels

An effective hairball gel should be made with natural oils and minerals to help relieve any digestive issues that your cat might be facing. If there are any added ingredients, ensure that none of them can be potentially toxic or harmful to your cat.


Not only is fiber helpful in humans, but it can make a world of difference in cats for hairballs. Fiber has numerous benefits for cats, including helping make your cat feel more full, promotes healthy weight, reduces diarrhea, and of course, helps prevent hairballs.

Increasing your cat’s fiber intake in their diet can help hair pass through their digestive tract much more easily. In doing so, it reduces the potential for any additional hairballs. Even though fiber is not a nutritional requirement for cats, it still can give them plenty of benefits that can help in the battle of hairballs.

Petroleum Jelly  

I’m sure many of you are familiar with petroleum jelly, and have used it for some purpose at some point in time. Petroleum jelly is actually fairly safe for cats, and can be an effective tool at treating hairballs. You can easily apply it to your cat’s paws. From there, they will naturally lick it off, and the jelly will help lubricate their stomach, which allows for hairs to be digested properly. The entire goal is to help your cat properly digest their hairs so that they travel out through normal means of digestion, rather than travel up and out in a hairball.

You can apply petroleum jelly once a day. Try it for a few days and see if you notice any improvements.

Remember: it needs to be unflavored or generic at the very least. Some petroleum jellies can actually be very harmful to your cat, so it’s important that you use one that has no other added chemicals or is natural.

Pumpkin for Cats

Did you know that pumpkin is wonderful for cats and their digestive systems? Pumpkin has plenty of fiber which can be great for preventing constipation, decreasing diarrhea, and even preventing hairballs. Pumpkin can help move along fur that might be stuck in your cat’s gestational track.

Plenty of Water  

Believe it or not, simply drinking enough water can play a huge role in determining the frequency and size of hairballs. Cats should be getting about 4 ounces of water a day. If you have a larger cat such as one that is 10 pounds or more, they should ideally be drinking 8 to 9 ounces of water each day. If your cat doesn’t eat wet food, or prefers dry food, it’s even more important to keep a close eye on how much water they drink.  


Diet is another contributing factor to the amount that hairballs that your cat does or does not have. Certain foods may agree with some cats, while other foods may actually cause an increase in the amount of hairballs. Foods or supplements that can decrease inflammation can potentially help your cat with hairballs. There might be a missing ingredient or nutrient that isn’t present in your cat’s current diet that may be contributing to hairballs.

As we humans have issues with digestion, we often look towards our diet as one of the first things that may be causing problems. Cats are no different in this regard.

Ideally, a well-rounded diet should consist of a high protein intake and should be a meat-based diet. It should also have a decent amount of fat, moisture, and should contain very few carbs.

Regular Grooming 

A practical, cheap, and effective way at reducing hairballs in cats is to regularly brush and groom them. You don’t have to brush them every single day, but doing so will certainly be more effective than only brushing them a few times a week. If your cat happens to have a longer and thicker coat of fur, you might want to consider taking them to the vet so that they can get trimmed down a little for spring and summer. Remember, each and every hair that you remove with brushing is one less hair that your cat will digest and potentially result in a hairball.

If your cat eats less of their own hair, then that means less hairballs. One of the best ways to prevent hairballs is to stop them at their source. Even though there’s no way to completely prevent your cat from regularly licking their own fur, you can help by significantly reducing the amount of fur that they do digest. 

Cat being brushed

Final Words: 

Because cats always clean their fur, hairballs are simply inevitable, since hair is not typically easily digested and broken down.  

If you notice that your cat is constantly throwing up hairballs, it’s important to address this as soon as you can. 

Purchasing a cat hairball remedy is very important, as it can help your cat significantly in digesting their fur. 

However, before you purchase one of the products listed above, you should know that some of the drugs require a veterinarian’s prescription, while others don’t. We truly tried to give you a variety of options to pick from.

Therefore, we recommend that you try out one of the above products. If you’ve got a picky cat on your hands, your first choice might not work particularly well for your cat in comparison to others cats. Thankfully, if you’re not having much success with one product, you can always return it and try another. When it comes to the health of our furry friends, we can’t give up so easily, especially when it comes to hairball treatments. 

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