Best Pets to Keep At Home

Not only are pets an absolutely wonderful way to keep you company, but they also improve your life in just about every aspect. However, not all animals might be ideal to keep as pets. So, we’ve done the nitty-gritty and have given you some great options for the very best pets to keep at home.

As long as you have some tips and a general idea for picking new pets for your home, you should be in a much better position to get the right pets for you and your home!

Tips for Choosing the Best Pets to Keep at Home

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Your Chosen Pet Needs to Appeal to You

As part of picking the best pets to keep at home, the animal that you pick as a pet should be something you want. It should fit your personality and preferences. If you pick a pet that is not preferred or one that you seriously enjoy, you’ll likely feel like taking care of it is a burden. A pet that you truly enjoy being around should never feel like they are a burden or bothering you. Certain pets will have more maintenance needs than others. One example of this – dogs are usually more affectionate than cats, but require much more effort and time to take care of. Cats typically do their own thing, while dogs will usually want to keep you company.

So, it’s best to look at the pet’s daily care, nutrition, grooming, housing, etc., before settling on one.

Always Plan Ahead

As part of keeping a pet, you’ll absolutely have to consider the type of care associated with the pet. Some of the care might include regular veterinary checkups, preventative care such as vaccines, and many others. However, you still have to consider costs such as licensing, food, and grooming. Such costs will come out of pocket most of the time.

Your Lifestyle

If you’re looking for the best pets to keep at home, you should also consider your lifestyle. Sometimes, people’s lifestyles can play a huge role in determining which type of pet will be ideal. For someone who has a busy lifestyle, high maintenance pets will probably not be a good fit. Maybe you prefer dogs, but don’t have enough time or energy to put into their care and maintenance. So, if you aren’t able to take your dog for regular walks, then you should consider getting a low energy dog or different low maintenance pet.

Look for a Reliable Breeder

If you’re going to get the best pet for you, you should always consider getting one that’s reputably sourced. The last thing you want is to get a pet that ends up having health issues from the start. Not only will this cause emotional and physical problems for yourself, but also your pet. Even if your pet does have medical issues later down the line, at least you took every preventative measure. Feel free to check out shelters or breeders near you if you are looking for a new dog.

Especially in today’s world, you should have no issues finding pets from reputable breeders. You’ll be able to quickly find reputably sourced pet online in many cases. You can even ask your friends where they got their pets from, assuming you’re interested in the same pet that they bought. You should have little to no issues finding information about a pet before buying it.

Top 10 Best Pets to Keep at Home


Best Pets to Keep at Home
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When it comes to the list of best pets to keep at home, a dog would never be excluded! There are plenty of good reasons why dogs are called “man’s best friend”. Dogs are highly sociable animals who are able to understand emotions in a much greater sense that you might think. Dogs can be trained, are obedient, loyal, and so much more. Dogs are extremely rewarding pets and many dog owners will agree.

Many people who keep dogs want someone who can keep them company after a long day of work. As much as they might have some more maintenance needs than other pets, such as feeding, walks, veterinary visits, training, and more, they can be ideal for anyone who needs a great overall pet for a home.



Most people view cats as extremely manageable, yet entertaining pets to keep. Not only that, but they can still be great cuddlers. For someone who enjoys holding a furry creature on their lap, cats will be a great pet for you. Although, it’s worth knowing that some cats might be very different than others and may not prefer to huddle as much. Not only is petting a cat satisfying, but it can be almost therapeutic, especially if you had a very long day. Cats can also be independent, so you might find them a better option when compared to dogs if you’re looking for an animal that can be fine on their own.

Cats don’t require nearly the same amount of effort that dogs do. All you’ll need to do is give them food, fresh water every day, and keep their litter box clean. Will still need regular vet visits, but their overall maintenance is much less when compared to dogs.



These are other furry pets that you can keep in your home. People find ferrets to be energetic, curious, and highly interested in their surroundings. Even though ferrets can sleep up to 16 hours a day, they can be highly active when awake. If you decide to keep one, just know that they need regular exercise and interaction, and might be a bit too much for certain owners to handle. Ferrets require a lot of time and energy to maintain, and may not be regarded as good pets for specific people.

However, ferrets are very entertaining animals, and can be very cuddly as well. Ferrets typically live between 5 to 10 years, so they are fairly modest investment for pet. If you do happen to get a ferret and appropriately bond with them, they can absolutely be great pets.

Hamsters/Guinea Pigs/Gerbils

Best Pets to Keep At Home

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We categorize these three as a general characterization, as they all very closely related and don’t have too much differences. Hamsters are independent pets, and they prefer it that way. However, that’s not to say that they don’t enjoy company and interaction. All you have to do is provide an environment they can be happy, healthy, and enjoy themselves in. This includes providing tubes, wheels, toys, food, freshwater, etc. Other than that, hamsters can usually keep busy all on their own. Plus, hamsters are very low maintenance pets.

Gerbils are sweet, but can be nippy, especially if mishandled or not treated appropriately. Gerbils are very entertaining to watch, especially when they chew on cardboard or toys. They love gnawing on things, so toys are an absolute must to keep them busy and happy. They like attention from their owners, so make sure that you occasionally spend some one-on-one time with them.

Guinea Pigs can also be among the best pets to keep at home, since they are loving, fairly low maintenance, and are very simple pets. They are very manageable to take care of, and are a great option, especially if you have children. They are cute and friendly, making them great for some snuggles or cuddles. Not only that, but all of these pets are small enough to where they won’t take up too much space. You can also cuddle with without worrying about them potentially biting you when treated correctly.

Tortoise/ Terrapins


Tortoises can also be fun to keep at home, and are a wonderful option, especially if you’re interested in reptiles. Other than their enclosure and the initial purchase, they’re cheap to maintain and don’t require too much effort. Try to give them as much room as possible in their enclosure, ensure that they have a proper heat source, and always make sure that their water is clean and maintained. Turtles will usually not be aggressive, and can even have their own unique personality.

Terrapins look like tortoises, and are usually kept in tanks tanks, just like turtles. They can live on land, but they still need water to hydrate themselves and be healthy. Unlike tortoises, terrapins are both vegetarian and carnivorous. They can eat small fish, algae, and certain plants and vegetables.

Both tortoises and terrapins rule usually have fairly long life spans, with some living over 80 years! These creatures are lifelong pets if properly cared for, so it’s important to do ample research before you go ahead and buy one.



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If you’re on a tight budget and need a low maintenance pet, fish can always be an ideal option. Other than buying their tank and setting up their environment, fish are some of the best pets to keep at home since they don’t need much effort to keep. So long as they’re regularly fed, there’s not much else to worry about, other than keeping their tank clean. Some fish can be fed less often than others, so they can be great pets in the event that you may not be home at all some days. Also, fish can add a nice splash of color to your room, as they have many varieties and unique colors. Fish can be soothing to watch, are easy to maintain, and not only brighten up your room, but can also brighten up your day!



We simply couldn’t forget about rabbits on our list of best pets to keep at home. This is because they are adorable, furry friends that can be great to keep at home. They are also easier to manage when compared to other pets, and are exceptionally great choices for children. They might need some attention, but not nearly as much when compared to other pets such as dogs. They can potentially nip you will, but will only do so when defensive. As long as rabbits are treated properly, they will rarely be aggressive or go out of their way to harm their owners. You have to ensure that they are properly fed, have a large enough enclosure, keep their nails trimmed, and ensure that they get proper exercise.

You’ll definitely need to them out of the cage for exercise often. Rabbits need large amounts of space to truly grow up in a healthy way. Lack of exercise will not only make them more likely to be obese, but will make them much more prone to depression too.


Budgie Parakeet

For those who might be interested in keeping birds as pets, definitely consider keeping parakeets. Other birds like parrots will require much more maintenance than parakeets or other types of birds. Parakeets are highly active at dusk and dawn. Their sweet sounds and chirps are very comforting to hear. Even though most of the time they tend to be sedentary, they should still have a large enough enclosure so that they can fly around and at least be somewhat active. Birds in general will typically take up lots of space.

When it comes to caring for a parakeet, you should find them to be very manageable pets. Their needs are fairly straightforward, and aren’t too complicated. Take your time to do some more research to find out if birds are the right fit for you or not.

Sugar Gliders

Best Pets to Keep At Home

Even though Sugar Gliders might require a lot of attention and care, if you’re willing to put in the work, they can be an absolute joy to keep. Not only are they unique pets, but they are very adorable and can even fit in your pocket. Sugar gliders are playful, social, and entertaining pets to keep. Sugar gliders can live between 10 to 12 years, so they are far from the short-term pet investment. Their nails tend to get long and will need regular trimming.

Many owners experience strong odor from their sugar glider, whether it be from them or their urine. If not cared for properly or not thoroughly researched, many owners will experience various degrees of difficulty in keeping sugar gliders as pets. Also, sugar gliders will bark at very late hours of the night and early morning, so if you’re sensitive to sound, sugar gliders might not be a great option for you.

Ground Squirrels

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If you’re willing to look at some other unique pets and give them a shot, ground squirrels might be a unique option for you. They do require a great deal of attention, so this is always something that you should be aware of before you even consider purchasing one. Not only that, but they may not be legal to own in many areas. Squirrels in general don’t make the best pets, despite how cute you might think they are. They should only be considered as a last resort, especially if you tried to keep other pets and have had little to no luck enjoying ownership. You will find that ground squirrels are highly social pets, so they’ll need immense amounts of time and effort to keep.

They can be susceptible to external and internal parasites. As a result, they might need more frequent vet visits and other animals. Although they might look cute and adorable, many owners discourage other people from owning squirrels as pets as they require tons of effort and maybe be very annoying to a wide variety of people.

In Summary

We’ve given you a list of the 10 best pets to keep at home. We’re confident that you’ll be able to find at least one animal in this list that will be a great pet choice for yourself. Whichever pet that you decide to keep, consider putting in a lot of time in fully researching and understanding their costs and needs. Some might need more attention than others do. With the right pet in your home, you’ll always enjoy their company.

If you have children, make sure it’s suitable and safe for them before you go ahead and buy one.