Best Exotic Birds as Pets

Are you interested in standing out from other pet owners with an exotic bird? Are you interested in the best exotic birds as pets? In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the exotic birds out there, as well as which can be ideal as your pet.

Most of the time when people look for pets, they usually prefer to have dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, and fish. There’s nothing wrong with that, either.

However, some also might love to have unique and exotic birds as their pets. If you can appreciate a unique and beautiful animal, you’re going to adore these exotic birds! 

These birds are not only attractive, but are also wise and smart.  

Furthermore, for the right pet parent, they can make a phenomenal friend, if properly cared for.

Here, we’ll share with you the best exotic birds as pets!

Best Exotic Birds as Pets

10 Best Exotic Birds as Pets 

The birds below are some of the best exotic birds as pets that you can get. However, many of these birds will be much more expensive compared to other animals, due to their rarity. Be prepared to spend potentially thousands of dollars for some of these birds! Additionally, many of these birds will require intensive amounts of care and will be far from low maintenance animals. If you’re still interested in learning more, keep reading!

Golden Conure  

Best Exotic Birds as Pets

Otherwise called the ‘’Queen of Bavaria Conure’’, the huge, brilliant, and striking beautiful Golden Conure is an incredible sight to behold. Because these birds are so rare, they will be much more expensive than many other birds, even exotic ones. They are an endangered species, but people often desire them as pets due to their beautiful golden and green colors.

These birds can live from 30 to 40 years and their average size is just a little over a foot. These birds are not only very intelligent, but they are also friendly, social, and if cared for from a young age, can be very close and charming birds. Although, it’s worth noting that these boisterous birds can be much more loud than other types, so be prepared for some noise.

The Golden Pheasant  

Best Exotic Birds as Pets

Otherwise called the ‘Chinese Pheasant,’ the Golden Pheasant is local to Western China. Be that as it may, they can also be found in the United Kingdom a few others places. These birds have absolutely amazing colors that you’ll only be able to truly appreciate up close and in person. Males can be recognized by their striking hues. They have mixtures of gold with red stretching out from the highest point of their heads, down to their necks. Their upper backs are green, and they have brilliant yellow eyes with dark pupils. Even though females aren’t nearly as colorful as males, they can still be beautiful in their own way.

If you’re looking for Golden Pheasants similar to the picture above, look for males.

Rainbow Lorikeet  

Best Exotic Birds as Pets

The Rainbow Lorikeet is a type of Australian Parrot that is commonly found in rainforests. These beautiful birds can be found in Australia, Eastern Indonesia, and several other islands.

These birds are also very expensive. They also require a level of care that’s greater than many other birds or pets in general. Rainbow lorikeets also have very shrill voices, so be prepared to not hear the most pleasant sounds from these birds. Not only that, but these birds can be very active, they even hop similarly to Caiques, and are very unique birds. These birds are some of the most unique types of parrots out there.

Remember, if you have a parrot or any other type of bird that is high maintenance, don’t even consider anything from this list, as you’ll be doing both the bird and yourself a disservice.

Australian King Parrot  

Best Exotic Birds as Pets

An excellent and remarkable winged creature from a far-away land (the name gives it away) lies the splendidly gorgeous Australian King Parrot. These birds are a type of parent with a very vibrant shade of red, accompanied by exquisitely beautiful emerald green. Like other parrots, these birds can be incredibly unique and intelligent, but once again, will be much more higher maintenance and other birds.

They can live for more than 25 years, and are generally considered a fairly calm type of parent. As long as they are properly cared for, especially at a young age, these birds can grow up to be well behaved and docile.

These birds will need lots of room, just like pretty much all other birds on this list. The more space that you give your pet bird, the greater chance that it will be happier. Don’t expect to shove these exotic birds in a small cage and hope for the best. Not only is that incredibly wishful thinking, but it’s unfair to these beautiful birds too.

Green Aracari  

The Green Aracari are birds belonging to the Toucan family. Toucans are very interesting animals, especially visually, as they are stunning and very unique. If you’re interested in any type of toucan as an exotic pet, know that they’ll need lots of space and will very likely be expensive.

However, despite that, these birds can be great introductory Toucans, especially if you have had experience with other similar birds.

You’ll have to be very careful with their diet, as they are very susceptible to becoming sick if fed incorrectly. They are also very messy, so don’t even consider these birds unless you have a large enough space that you can wash down often.


Owls are definitely some of the most interesting types of birds that exist. They come in a wide variety of different face shapes, as well as different colors. However, owls are definitely not the first choice you should think of when looking for exotic birds as pets.

Owls are not only very difficult to care for, but are illegal to own in many places around the world. Plus, they will need to eat fresh meat on a daily basis, so if you’re comfortable handling meat or other dead animals, don’t even consider owls for a second as a pet.

Additionally, owls will need plenty of space, and will also need to bathe regularly. In the rare event that you can own an owl, you may need a permit, so this is something else to consider.

Not only do owls need constant care, but they are also nocturnal, solitary, and generally don’t do too well with humans. Unless you’re an owl expert or other seasoned and knowledgeable bird owner, look for other birds on our list.


Parakeets are among some of the best exotic birds that exist that are ideal for pet ownership. In addition, these birds can even be an option for anyone with children, as they require much less care, dedication, and maintenance than some of the other birds on this list.

Otherwise called little parrots, budgies or budgerigars, they don’t typically require the same amount of space as other birds, such as parrots. They are generally much more manageable to care for than many other birds. Not only that, but they don’t take up too much space, are easy to train, and are relatively affordable, especially when some people pay thousands of dollars for other exotic birds. Parakeets are available in just about every shade of the rainbow!

Parakeets can live fairly long too, ranging from 12 to 20 years. Parakeets additionally get along very well with one another, so buying more than one is suggested to keep them happy and occupied.


Cockatiels are another incredibly manageable exotic bird. All these birds certainly have some spunk, they won’t be nearly as aggressive as other birds such as parrots. Not only that, but these birds don’t require that much space, and can easily be cared for in a smaller home or apartment.

Not only that, but cockatiels can be great beginner birds for children! They can even learn to whistle, learn tricks, talk, and more. This makes them great for children, as they’ll have a blast interacting with them and can keep each other happy.

Even though these birds are larger than finches or budgies, they are still fairly small and aren’t overwhelmingly large like many other exotic birds are.

Cockatiels can live from 15 to 30 years with ideal and loving care, and can even become a part of your family. These birds are wonderful choice for any parents out there who are looking for a pet bird for their children.


These types of birds get their name from resembling a miniature parrot! Parrotlets are a smaller variety of parrots that are little more manageable than a full-sized parrots.

However, it will still have many tendencies alike and will behave similarly to parrots. They are certainly not the most cuddly birds out there, and won’t be good for people who can’t keep up with their excessive amounts of energy.

These birds can live between 14 and 20 years, so they certainly aren’t for those who aren’t willing to put in decades of work into their pet’s health and well-being.

Sun Conjures  

Sun Conjures are a brilliantly beautiful, smart, and personable type of parrot. These medium-sized birds are native to South America, and are commonly found in many tropical environments.

With an adult size of about 12 inches, and a life expectancy of about 25 years, these birds can be a huge emotional and physical investment. Additionally, these birds, like many other parrots, are very smart and can be trained to do tricks.

These birds will require plenty of one on one time, and even though they are naturally playful and can be loving once given the attention they desire, they can still be very difficult birds to own and maintain.

Just like many other parrots, these birds can be exceptionally loud, which can be annoying and cause owners lots of distress. Parrots especially require tons of work and dedication, and even then, you aren’t guaranteed a bird that gives you little to no issues at all.

Final Words 

Exotic birds are rare and unique species of birds that can give your home a spectacularly brilliant splash of color. Having at least one of these adorable creatures can make you truly stand out from many other pet owners. However, that isn’t to say that these exotic birds are easy to take care of. In fact, the opposite is actually true in many cases: exotic birds are very difficult to care for. Always ensure that you are well aware of all of the maintenance needs that these special creatures truly desire.

Hopefully, our article helps you find the perfect exotic bird as your pet.

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