Best Dog Harness for Swimming

Wondering what are the best dog harnesses for swimming? Purchasing dog harnesses isn’t as straightforward as you’d imagine either.

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With tons of dog accessories, collars, toys, GPS trackers, and more, it can be difficult to know which dog accessories are best for your dog. If you’re looking for harnesses, it’s excruciatingly difficult to find the best dog harness that would be truly worth your hard-earned money.  

However, with the right help and information, we’ll show you some harnesses from brands that you can trust.  

Let’s get started! 

Best Dog Harness for Swimming

How to Choose Best Harness for Your Dog 

Regardless of whether you’re a seasoned pet parent or a new dog parent with a puppy, finding the best dog harness can be much harder than you imagined. Although, researching about a dog harness is certainly the correct choice, especially when it comes to the well-being of your dog. While dog collars are commonly thought about and considered, a harness might be a better option for certain dog owners with certain breeds of dogs.

Harnesses can offer plenty of control in several different situations. Additionally, it helps evenly distribute any weight so that in the event that their rope is pulled, they will be much less prone to injury. 

While purchasing a harness may sound as simple as waltzing into a pet store or buying one online, you should definitely be informed before you purchase one. Not all harnesses are made equally, and some have more specific purposes than others.

Knowing which are the best dog harnesses in the market puts you ahead of the game and can help you have a better idea of which quality harnesses to look at for your precious dog.

Type of Connection

Dog harnesses are made with two types of connectors in many cases. These include two main types: front clasp and back clasp. The type you use completely depends on you, your dog, and the activities that you’ll both be doing.   

Front-Clip Harness   

Front-clip harnesses allow you to more easily control where your dog walks, although it can potentially tangle around underneath their front legs.   

These are a decent choice if your dog pulls constantly while they walk and you’re looking for a way to keep that under control. Know that the chain can tangle under your pooch’s front legs if you leave too much slack while on your walks.   

Rather than the back clip harness, front-clip harnesses has the D-ring centered around the dog’s chest. This helps give you more control and prevent your dog from pulling you.   

Front-Clip harnesses are also fairly easy on your dog, making it a great option to help them feel secure while letting you easily control where they go.   

Back-Clip Harnesses   

Back-Clip harnesses are very comfortable, simple to put on, and the chances of your dog’s leash getting tangled around their legs is much less. However, these types of harnesses are as effective as preventing polling or lunging in the event that your dog gets startled or excited.  

Back clip harnesses are some of the most common types of harnesses used for dogs. These are also great options for smaller dogs who might not be as well-built as bigger or heavier dogs.

Because the D-ring is located on their back, in the event that you or your dog accidentally pulls on the leash, there is less of a chance of injury because the harness isn’t situated on their neck like a front-clip harness is.  

If you have a smaller dog who seems to listen to you well, doesn’t typically try to lunge, or is on the calmer side, this is a great option.

These types of harnesses are not well-suited for larger dogs, as they are much more stronger and need to be controlled due to their large size and strength.

Best Dog Harness for Swimming

Other Different Types of Dog Harnesses

Maybe you’ve browsed a pet store and have seen various different types of harnesses that you were familiar with. There are many different types, with many different designs, used for many different applications. They come in different colors, sizes, and some are better than others for specific activities. Below are the other various different types of dog harnesses that you can choose from: 

Tightening Harness  

A tightening harness is secured around your dog’s body. Whenever they might pull or lunge, it tightens around them and allows you to get a better hold of them. A tightening harness can help discourage your dog from pulling when they shouldn’t.

There are various varieties of tightening harnesses. Regardless of the type of tightening harness, they will all achieve the same result, which will tighten around your dog’s chest whenever they pull. This signals to them to stop, and can help create positive behavioral changes.

These types of harnesses can be great for those stubborn dogs who never know when to stop pulling, despite all of your efforts.

No-Pull Harness 

As the name suggests, a no-pull harness does not tighten in the event that your dog starts pulling. These types of harnesses help keep your dog by your side. In the event that your dog does not follow you or pulls, the leash eventually will move to their sides, which you can then help direct them back towards you. This is a good compromise for owners who don’t want to potentially hurt their dogs or cause discomfort, yet want to teach them how to properly follow you. 

If you do decide to get a no pull harness, always ensure that it fits your dog well, as a loose or tight fit may cause discomfort to your dog’s front legs.

Standard Harness 

As the name suggests, the standard harness is one of the most widely used types of harnesses in the market. It offers an overall good amount of control over your dog, as its evenly distributed across your dogs chest and their back. This type of harness is ideal for smaller dogs, yet not great for larger dogs because they can pull quite hard against the leash.

Head Halter

A head halter is a harness that is made for your dog’s head essentially, as the name implies. Head halter can be a nice little compromise for those owners who are weary of potentially hurting their dogs with a harness. The idea behind it is that even though dogs can pull their entire weight through their chests, they can’t do the same with their head. This type of harness can give you a lot of control, and can keep your dog walking by your side or wherever you want, as these harnesses significantly reduce the amount of pension that dogs can pull on. 

If your main goal is to try to make your dog not pull on the leash as much, look for a different type of harness. Head halters simply reduce your dog’s pulling strength. These types of harnesses and no-pull harnesses are ideal when you’re trying to train your dog.

Dual-Clip Harness 

A dual-clip harness is a dog harness that has attachments on both the back and front of the harness. These harnesses will typically come with multiple attachment points, some even having more than four. These types of harnesses allow for lots of versatility in how you want to control your dog, depending on the type of activity.


Dog harness are regularly made of several materials, typically including polypropylene, nylon, or polyester. Always look for dog harnesses that are made of these materials, as they’re higher quality and stronger than other materials. Nylon will typically be the cheapest of all the options.

After all, a dog harness that doesn’t hold up through regular wear and tear isn’t worth your money in the first place. A dog harness should be built to last, and should be able to withstand even daily use if made of high quality materials.


Depending on the size and type of dog you have, you might want to go with a more thick harness. These are ideal for larger dogs. The thickness of the harness can play a large role in the comfort of your dog, so you should get one that is appropriately sized for your dog. If you have a younger dog or dog that still growing, consider purchasing a harness that can accompany their size once they reach full maturity.


Dog harness come in various styles, types, and plans. Also, their features differ too. When searching for a dog harness, it’s important to be aware of the various different types of features that may make certain harnesses ideal for your particular dog.

Below are some of the features you should look for in a dog harness:


A well-padded dog harness can not only benefit your dog in terms of comfort, but because the padding might make them more comfortable, they might be more susceptible to being trained. You should always look for a dog harness has enough padding, as too little padding will not only be uncomfortable, but could potentially hurt your dog. Too much friction on their body with not enough padding could cause matting and other issues. Always look for harnesses that have wool or neoprene padding.


Another component you should consider is the D-ring. D-rings are essentially the “heart” of the harness that the collar attaches to. It’s important to look for a harness that has a D-ring made of quality material, as cheap D-rings might break or detach which could not only cause your dog harm, but may result in them running away or escaping.


A harness with handle might not seem like a very practical option, but it has more uses than you might imagine. Maybe you might need to pull your dog from water, the street, or some other situation where they might be in danger and need to be moved quickly. If anything, harnesses with handles can offer additional control that might come in handy when you least expect.

Reflective Strips  

You should consider a harness with reflective strips if you love taking your dog for walks around nighttime. Not only will they make both you and your dog more easily seen, but they also increase both you and your dog’s safety, especially if you’re near a busy area or road. 

Water Resistant

You can discover a wide assortment of water-resistant harnesses in the market. If your canine loves to swim a lot, a water-resistant harness can be a great choice.

Best Dog Harness for Swimming

5 Best Dog Harnesses for Swimming 


OUR TOP PICK: Julius K9 IDC Harness

Product Name: Julius K9 IDC Harness

Product Description: Our top pick is the Julius K9 IDC harness, as this multi-purpose and durable harness can be used for just about every type of activity with your dog. This of course, includes swimming! The Julius K9 is made of a high-quality material and has amazing features like reflective chest straps for higher visibility at night.

Offer price: $$

Availability: InStock

  • Everyday Walking
  • Sports
  • Water Resistant
  • Value for Money


What we love the most about this harness is that it’s designed to reduce strain on the dog’s neck and throat. Also, it includes many other thoughtful features such as a flashlight holder, handle, and more. The breathable materials and reflective patches are just another touch of icing on the cake. Overall, we found this harness to offer incredible value for your money.


✔️ Made of high-quality material

✔️ Heavy-duty buckles and breathable, safe inner liner

✔️ Adjustable front and stomach straps


❌ Price is more expensive than other harnesses


Julius K9 IDC Harness

The Julius K9 IDC Dog Harness is one of the top-selling dog harnesses for swimming. This harness can be used for a wide variety of activities such as hiking, camping, and everyday walking. The Julius K9 has a super high-quality material and includes thoughtful and useful features such as a reflective chest strap for easier visibility at night.  

It has Velcro reflective strips which are great for nighttime walks, and are even removable. Its handle is super sturdy, so you won’t have to worry about your dog breaking out of this harness. It also has a pouch where you can place items or other dog accessories during your walks. This is a wonderful type of harness for those strong dogs who love to pull. If you have a larger dog that’s over 80 pounds, definitely consider this harness for them.

Many owners have even said that they use this harness in the water often and have no issues with its durability.

✔️ Breathable Liner
✔️ Glows in the dark, great for low visibility
✔️ Good for multipurpose use
❌ Feels a bit stiff at first

Dean and Tyler All-Weather Harness

Another best harness for dog swimming is the Dean and Tyler All-Weather Harness.

Not only does this harness have multiple D rings, a handle, and multiple sizes, but it’s also great for any type of weather and is a very durable harness. This harness is also machine washable and dries quickly, which makes it great for dogs who love to spend time in the water. It also has a reflective trim that can help increase visibility for your dog during the night. Not only is this harness easy to put on and take off, but it can even fit some of the largest sized dogs out there! This harness comes in five sizes and is an exceptionally high quality harness. 

✔️ Secure fits and is easy to put on
✔️ Comes in five sizes
✔️ Good for any outdoor activity, swimming included
❌ Slightly bulky

One Tigris Tactical 

This One Tigris Tactical Dog Harness is a great tactical dog harness made with high quality nylon. This harness also features a handle and even offers great padding. This harness should be able to stand up to just about every type of activity out there. With heavy duty nylon webbing stainless steel D-rings, this excellent quality harness should be able to last you for many years.

This harness is available in multiple sizes and colors and can be a great fit for your dog!

✔️ Available in several sizes
✔️ Durable, great for everyday use
✔️ Great for swimming
❌ Very large

Rabbitgoo Dog Harness 

Th Rabbitgoo Dog Harness provides your dog with all the comfort and style that they could ever want. Not only does this dog harness offer great control, but is specially designed to not choke or pull on your dog’s neck. It features a very fast-release buckle that makes putting on and taking off this harness a breeze. This harness can give your dog the comfort and safety they deserve.

It’s available in multiple colors and sizes and will feature reflective strips, which is always preferred. As a dog owner, you can never be too safe.

This is a quality harness available at a very affordable price. With so many colors and sizes to choose, from you’ll be able to easily find one for your dog!

✔️ Comes with two leash attachment points at the back and front
✔️ Features a breathable mesh padding
✔️ Includes reflective strips for better visibility at night AND daytime
❌ Plastic clip is more prone to breaking off

Ruffwear Web Master Harness

The Ruffwear Web Master Harness is a high quality and durable harness from Ruff Wear. With more than five sizes in three colors to choose from, you’ll be able to get one that’s a perfect fit for your amazing dog. This harness offers a reflective trim, customizable fit, and foam padding for long walks that both you and your dog can enjoy knowing that they’re perfectly comfortable.

This harness will give you plenty of control over your dog and you’ll be able to do so with complete accuracy. Most of us are looking for a high quality dog harness that’s durable, great for swimming, gives us control, and most of all, is comfortable to our precious dogs. The Ruffwear Web Master Harness delivers on all fronts.

It also has a cushion handle that can come in handy when you least expect it!

✔️ Works well on amputee dogs
✔️ Great for fidgety dogs 
✔️ Fitted with reflective strips for enhanced visibility at night
❌ Only has a single leash attachment

Best Dog Harness for Swimming


Dog harnesses provide much more protection than a regular dog collar will. Purchasing the correct harness for your dog will be a very wise decision in your pet ownership, as doing so can be much better for your dog’s well-being.

Just keep in mind that when you’re looking around for the best dog harness, you need to consider how comfortable it is, as well as the kind of material it’s made of. Special dog harnesses can come with extra features too, so that’s also something else to consider.

Hopefully, the list above can help you find the best dog harness for swimming, so that your dog can experience even more exercise and enjoyment in their lives!