5 Best Dental Chews for Puppies – Safe Options for Your Precious Pup!

Is your little pup chewing incessantly on just about everything?

It’s possible that teething is making your puppy uncomfortable. Instead of punishing your pooch, you should step back and take a few breaths. If your pup is eager to chew, then all you need to do is give them something to chew on that’s beneficial for them. What better option other than giving them the best dental chews for puppies around?

Dental treats encourage chewing, while simultaneously reducing plaque build-up on your dog’s teeth. At a young age, you can get your pet started with dental chews to promote dental health, which is such an important aspect of a dog’s health.

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Not all dental chews are made equal. When it comes to your pup, you’ll obviously only want the best for them, so you have to be a bit picky. But with dozens of options in the market nowadays, it can be difficult to pick the best option for your dog.

To help you out, we’ve reviewed five of the best puppy dental treats for dogs in this post.

Best Dental Chews for Puppies

Your Pup Needs To Chew!

Puppies are naturally playful creatures. They are energetic and adorable, yet they chew like crazy. This isn’t a behavioral problem, but rather the teething phase that your pup will encounter twice in its young life.

The first teething phase of your puppy will start once it reaches its second week of life. Some puppies will start teething earlier or later than others as well. This will be completed at 8 to 10 weeks. During the teething process, your puppy will feel intense discomfort as their first set of teeth start to come in. 

To ease this discomfort, your dog will chew anything that comes its way. This can be harmful to the dog since some objects or foods may hurt their gums. Even worse, whatever they are chewing on could be poisonous to them or hurt them in some way. Even if they don’t hurt themselves, there’s still a good chance that they’re chewing on something that they shouldn’t be!

But before you relax, you should remember that your dog will have a second teething phase. Like humans, a dog will grow two sets of teeth. The first one will start shedding around the fourth month. Some of the puppy teeth may linger up to 6 months of your dog’s life. 

As the little little teeth fall off, the adult and larger set of teeth will emerge. Again, this will cause great discomfort to your doggo. At 8 months old, your pup should have its full set of adult teeth fully grown.  

Remember that you should bring your pup to the vet after the adult teething phase. The veterinarian will check if there are issues with the permanent teeth or if there any other problems or concerns to address. 

Benefits Of The Best Dental Chews For Puppies 

The best dental chews for puppies bring a myriad of benefits to your pet. Aside from helping them stop chewing on everything, the following are some of the added perks of these treats:

1. Freshens up your pup’s breath

Are you noticing any stinky smell lingering in your pup’s breath? Nobody likes bad breath, not even in adorable puppies. If this sounds like you and your pup, you can give them a dental chew to help freshen their breath. It’s possible that bits of food have been stuck between its teeth, causing the foul smell. Dental chews help remove these stuck bits, while leaving a minty and fresh smell in your pup’s mouth. 

2. Reduces plaque build-up

Many dog owners think that dental chews are just for addressing bad breath. They have many more benefits than that. The biggest benefit in these products is it helps reduce tartar and plaque build-up on your puppy’s mouth. The more you consistently give your dog dental treats, the better their dental hygiene will be. 

Vets found out that dogs chewing dental treats regularly have 70% less plaque than those who don’t. The abrasive texture of the treat makes it more effective at scraping off plaque and dirt off your pup’s teeth.  

3. Helps ease the discomfort of teething

For puppies that are in the teething phase, dental treats are a life-saver. This will allow them to chew to their heart’s content, without hurting their gums. The best dental chews for puppies will ease the discomfort your doggo is experiencing, not to mention that it will also spare any objects in your house from being a target of nibbling.

Aside from chew toys, dental chews are very attractive options. They are tasty, beneficial to their dental health, and puppies will love them. 

4. Helps control hunger in between meals 

Some pups can get very hungry, even before the next meal. You can manage their hunger without over feeding them by giving them dental treats instead. Just make sure that the treat has low calories and will benefit the diet of your dog. 

Still, you should never give your pup more than one dental chew a day. Also, don’t use dental chews as a substitute for meals. As much as these products are tasty, they simply don’t have enough nutrition that your growing puppy needs. 

5 Best Dental Chews for Puppies


OUR TOP PICK: Greenies Teenie Natural Dental Dog Treats
best dental chews for puppies

Product Name: Greenies Teenie Natural Dental Dog Treats

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best dental chews for puppies, you’ll never go wrong with Greenies Teenie Dog Treats.

Thousands of dog owners swear by this dental chew, especially the Teenie version for puppies.

This dental chew is made to fight plaque and tartar build-up while keeping your pup’s breath fresh. It’s also recommended by the Veterinary Oral Health Council, which is guaranteed to be safe and effective for dogs.

Greenies Pup Treats are highly digestible and made of all-natural ingredients. Aside from that, it’s packed with chelated vitamins and minerals to boost your pup’s overall health. Its toothbrush shape also makes it more effective in reaching farther areas on your pup’s mouth than other treats.

Great ingredients, great taste, great for your dog's dental health!

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  • Taste
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Plus, this chew is soft enough for the gums of young pups. It’s also tasty and guaranteed to be a favorite of your pooch. 

Just remember that this treat is suitable only for 5 to 15-pound dogs that are at least six months old. Like any treat, supervision is necessary to keep your pup safe while enjoying this tasty and delicious healthy dental chew. 


✔️ All-natural and delicious flavors

✔️ Recommended by VOHC

✔️ Toothbrush shape


❌ Not for very large breeds 


Pedigree DENTASTIX Chew Treats

best dental chews for puppies

Our next recommendation is the Pedigree Dentastix Chew Treats. These dental sticks are made to clinically remove plaque off your dog’s teeth, while giving them a fresh breath. It has an X-shape to make it more effective in cleaning a small dog’s mouth while chewing. 

Moreover, Dentastix are made from quality ingredients that are easily digestible and are packed with added nutrients. Each stick contains 8% protein, 1% fat, and 4.5% fiber. Each treat also contains 21 calories, something that’s manageable to squeeze into a pup’s diet. 

The best part here is that these dental sticks chews have a delicious chicken flavor. Apart from being very chewy, your pup will enjoy its sumptuous taste. You can also get these dental treats in various flavors, including beef, bacon, bacon+chicken, and mint.

Aside from that, the Dentastix are available in mini to medium sizes to suit a variety of dog breeds. 

These treats are ideal for puppies that are 5 to 20 pounds and should only be given once a day.

✔️ Patented X shape
✔️ Delicious flavor options
✔️ Available in different sizes
❌ Some complained about the sticks stuck together

Merrick French Kisses Dental Dog Treats

best dental chews for puppies

If you want to give your pup fresh breath, you should consider Merrick French Kisses Dental Dog Treats. The treats are infused with botanical oils and coconut as a natural way to clean your dog’s teeth, while nourishing their gums at the same time. To top that, this treat is all-natural and free from fillers and any other grains. 

Additionally, they are shaped like a double-brush to clean their teeth. Each strip is mint flavored, ensuring that your dog will enjoy the treat, while making its breath fresher after every chew. They contain mint, lemongrass, and rosemary oils. 

If your pup has bad breath and other oral problems, these Merrick French Kisses dental chews might be the answer. It’s tough against plaque, but gentle on your pup’s gums and tiny teeth. It helps keep your dog’s teeth clean with minimal effort. 

The bonus part here is the wonderful scent of the treats, which are a minty fresh smell. A world with our dogs having less stinky breath is wonderful!

✔️ Effective in making a pup’s breath fresh
✔️ Available in two flavors
✔️ Dual-brush design
❌ May not be the best choice for picky pups

Natural Balance Dental Chews

The Natural Balance Dental Chews are made to keep your pup chewing. It’s a delicious treat available in duck meal, sweet potato & chicken meal, and fresh & clean. If you want to make your pup’s breath fresh, you can get the latter. Nevertheless, all the flavors are effective in reducing plaque build-up.

Plus, these Natural Balance chews are highly digestible and packed with nutrients and antioxidants. They’re ideal for small to medium pups. Just make sure that you choose the small size. 

The formula for this treat is made by pet nutritionists and veterinarians. It’s also tested to be free from several dangerous contaminants and toxins.

Each bag of this dental chew has 22 treats, so you get a little over three weeks worth of chews, as they should only be given once a day. Aside from that, this is a great choice if your pup has a Limited Ingredient Diet (L.I.D.).

Each treat has ridges that help in cleaning your dog’s teeth. If you or your dog aren’t happy with the treats, you’re entitled to a money-back guarantee. 

✔️ Vet-made treats
✔️ Highly digestible
✔️ Available in 3 different flavors
❌ Pups with sensitivities may not thrive with this treat

Dingo Dental Sticks

Last but not the least are the Dingo Dental Sticks. These treats are made with parsley seed and baking soda, resulting in one of the best teeth-cleaning formulas. It also has real chicken in the middle, which gives it an irresistible flavor that no pup can resist.

Each stick has a rough texture, which makes it very effective in removing plaque. It’s all-natural too, with no artificial coloring, flavors, or preservatives. It also has very limited ingredients, though it does contain rawhide, which can be an issue for pups with sensitivities. 

A pack of the Dingo Dental Treats has 48 sticks – suitable for all dogs and pups. Each treat has 50% protein, 2% fiber, and 0.3% fat. It also has 30 calories, which shouldn’t impact your pup’s diet too much.

These Dingo Dental Treats are effective in cleaning a dog’s teeth, without sacrificing fantastic flavor. On top of that, these treats will leave a fresh smell in your pup’s mouth. 

✔️ Real chicken in the middle
✔️ Contains 50% protein
✔️ All-natural
❌ Contains rawhide

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: At what age can I give dental chews to my puppy?

A: Puppies should only be given dental chews at 4 months old. Aside from that, you have to ensure that whichever treat you bought is suitable for its size. You can continue giving puppy dental chews to your dog until it reaches 12 months old. From there, you can switch to an adult dental chew – they’ll be harder and made specifically for adult dogs. 

Q: How often can I give my pup dental treats?

A: Dental treats are only meant to supplement regular brushing. You should only give dental chews to your pup once a day or a few times a week. Take note that dental chews should never be considered as a substitute for regular brushing and professional vet checkups. 

Q: Are dental chews safe for puppies?

A: Yes, but some dental chews don’t agree with every dog and it depends on the dog’s age, breed, size, and needs. If you’re in doubt, you can always consult your pup’s veterinarian for a suggestion. Also, you should supervise your pup whenever you give a chew treat. Just make sure that they have no problems digesting or eating it.

Q: Why are some dog treats not suitable for puppies?

A: Some dog treats are much harder to chew than others, which can damage the teeth of young pups. Also, the ingredients might be a little difficult for puppies to digest. You should always choose a puppy treat that will be gentle on your dog’s teeth and gums without compromising the dental health benefits. 

Q: Can I give my puppy pig ears as a treat?

A: Yes, but you should only give the pup small and tender ear slices. Also, it’s important to supervise your puppy to prevent any harm. Although, pig ears in general aren’t the best option for your puppy.


The best dental chews for puppies will help them keep excellent dental health. It’s also a tasty and irresistible way to keep your dog’s breath fresh. Just make sure that you choose a product with safe ingredients that are suitable for a growing puppy. What do you think of these puppy treats? Which are some of your puppy’s favorite treats? Let us know!