Best Cat Breeds for an Autistic Child

Are you looking for the best cat breeds for your autistic child?

Most children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have a special bond to their pets. Interacting with animals helps them reduce stress, reduce cholesterol, lower blood pressure, and even encourages them to be more physically active. 

With that said, many parents with an autistic child typically prefer cats to be their therapy pets. Cats are quieter, easier to look after, don’t require daily exercise, and if things don’t work out, are much less of a problem. Also, parents think that cats are more resilient in comparison to other pets. 

Many parents out there want an ideal cat that isn’t fearful, is outgoing, and is friendly towards their child.

With younger children, it could be very difficult to figure out which cat will be the most patient. Fortunately, a few breeds generally do better than others.

If you’re wondering which breed of cat makes the best pet for your autistic child, read on and check out this list below. 

Best Cat Breeds for Autistic Child

Best Cat Breeds for Autistic Child 


Best Cat Breeds for Autistic Child

These pretty cats are fantastic at being reliable. They are extremely loving and appreciate investing energy with their owners. These breeds are brilliant and very responsive to learning a wide range of new things. They are quiet, yet very loving and have a special closeness to their owners, which may function admirably for your family’s household. In the event that you are searching for genuine love, Himalayans will be the perfect accomplice and will blend in well with the specific needs of your child.  

More dynamic than a Persian and calmer than a Siamese, Himalayan cats are simple enough where they will be occupied by a quick session of laser tag, yet will also love and appreciate their own quiet time. Himalayan cats take well to indoor life and can be a very friendly and accommodating cat. These cats have special bonds with their family and will be a wonderful pet addition to your home.

Himalayan cats are recognized through their adorable gestures, insight, and energetic interaction.  

Similar to Siamese felines, this cat appreciates a good game of fetch and can typically engage for a considerable length of time, even with simple toys – such as a rolled up ball of paper!

These cats will form a very close-knit bond with their owners and families, including children. They love being a part of the family, and will certainly make a great addition to your unique and awesome family!

Maine Coon  

Best Cat Breeds for Autistic Child

As one of the most adored American feline breeds, the Maine Coon is likewise one of our most seasoned friendly cats. Working next to one another on the family homesteads of early pilgrims, the Coon has had a great deal of time to become acquainted with people.

Tolerant with autistic children, Maine Coons will sort of “counteract” a child’s energetic and curious temperament with its own quiet nature, while still ensuring to get enough playtime and knowing when to draw the line and call it a day. The Maine Coon is likewise a superb companion on long, calm winter evenings.  

Maine Coons are without a doubt excellent. They are highly adaptive cats, and can handle adversity much better than many other animals. These delicate beings are extraordinary for kids, particularly for those with unique needs. They are warm and appreciate playing.

These are enormous kitties, and they have a ravishing coat. With that said, you’ll have to put in some time and effort to keep their coat in check. However, this can be used as an opportunity for children to bond with their big, fluffy companion.

Maine Coons are easy-going, relaxed, people-oriented, and are very smart cats. This makes them wonderful pets. They follow their owners around the house, can understood when they’re being called, and are very attentive in general.

The Maine coon is a cherishing and exceptionally tender feline that can adjust well to a bustling family way of living. They have a sweet nature and can be extremely fun loving, which makes them an extraordinary all-rounder cat breed.  

The breed is known for its enormous size in comparison to other cats, as well as their long, feathery coats. Adult Maine Coons can even weigh as much as 12-18 pounds, with some reaching over 20 pounds. This breed is perky and loving, yet they are additionally insightful and can be handled with ease, as long as you’re gentle. The Maine Coon is an ideal family pet that can be a wonderful friend to your children.


Best Cat Breeds for Autistic Child

This blue-eyed beauty could potentially make a fantastic addition to your family. Birmans are ideal for more reserved, calm children, as this cat is quite the quiet little kitty. This shouldn’t imply that they won’t appreciate some quality playtime though. However, these cats are more laid back than some different breeds.

They will in general incline toward a closer relationship with the children from the family. Not only are these cats close to their owners, but they’re up for just about anything. Whether it’s quality one-on-one time or movie night, these cats will enjoy either.  

This particular cat enjoys both giving and receiving love and affection. Birman cats are keen and responsive creatures. You may even have the option to get your Birman to go for a walk with a collar if you’re willing to put in the time and effort to train them when they’re young.

Additionally, this cat doesn’t run away from friends, family, or even other cats. In fact, these cats will likely welcome any additional company in most situations. However, not all cats are created equal and some might have different personalities than others. This is true for pretty much any pet or even person!

This cat isn’t a good choice for overly interactive children who like to tease and mess with their pets. Rather, the Birman is an intellectual observer, who prefers quiet time with children, yet appreciates trust, interaction, and hugs.  

Scottish Fold  

Best Cat Breeds for Autistic Child

Shy, but sweet, Scottish Folds are known to be fairly friendly animals. These cats cherish and enjoy people, as well as other family household pets. This energetic and fun-loving breed will, in general, become especially attached to certain people.

Scottish cats are known for their very cute and sweet voice. Another thing that’s interesting about these cats is their unique ability to “talk” in a wide variety of sounds and calls not often heard by several cat breeds.  

These unconventional, yet sweet looking kitties, have phenomenal character. They are lovable, and have loads of persistence, especially when it comes to being around people that they enjoy and trust.

These are the ideal cat buddy and cheerfully follow their companions from room to room. They need very little training, yet wouldn’t be against learning a few new things. All things considered; these amazing little kitties would make an incredible fuzzy companion for your ever-changing child or children.


Best Cat Breeds for Autistic Child

Abyssinian cats are faithful, loving, and among the most fun-loving of felines. They are dynamic, curious, and can be an incredible, yet loyal pet to your family. This breed consistently keeps themselves occupied and loves to explore and roam around.

You’ll never get tired of their athletic intrigue and demeanor. Abyssinians are smart cats – yet they are easily occupied with toys, and love to play.

Abyssinians, otherwise called ‘Abys’, are faithful and typically get along great with children and other pets you might have in your home. These cats have plenty of great traits such as curiosity, perkiness, and love exploring their surroundings. Abyssinians are unique individuals who prefer to fully explore their ever-changing world surrounding them. Whether you’re walking with them and exploring, or even just playing with them, these cats will appreciate companionship.

Possibly one of the oldest cats around, with history dating back as early as to ancient Egypt, the Abyssinian is a lovely creature. They do very well around children – mostly due to their energetic, dynamic nature.

These felines are curious and inquisitive. As such, they do well with puzzle toys which can be an excellent way for your children to gain trust with their new pet.

They are lively, acrobatic, and require a lot of interaction. If your little one is more on the quiet and calm side, this kitty companion may not be the best fit. 


Best Cat Breeds for Autistic Child

Burmese cats make magnificent child-friendly pets. Known for their fun-loving and warm nature, you and your family will be continually engaged by their unique temperament and tricks. Burmese cats are known to fetch, so they can be very dog-like. They don’t mind a household that has a lot going on. In fact, they will appreciate a busy and energetic lifestyle with heaps of adoration and trust from your children.  

Burmese appreciate being the focal point of any family household. This sweet feline friend appreciates company and loves to follow people around. This breed is known for being intelligent and social. These felines appreciate a decent snuggle and thrive with families who will give them attention, yet they will be still be able to adapt to different conditions and get along with other pets in the household.


Ragdoll Cat

This type of feline loves to be hugged and cuddle, thus the name “Ragdoll“. Known for being extremely cuddly, cute, and fluffy, these felines are an exceptional addition to a family with autistic children. Despite the fact that their fur is long and soft, Ragdoll’s absence of an undercoat means that they are more likely to get little knots and tangles. This breed is able to be trained extensively, making the Ragdoll an extraordinary feline, from the inside and out.  

There is a basic clarification for how the Ragdoll cat got its name. When threatened, this cat goes limp, similar to a ragdoll! Delicately voiced and expressive, the Ragdoll cat appreciates independence, however, won’t turn away from being a part of the family. All that is required is a bit “mouse angling” before supper; or a family stroll around the backyard/house. (Ragdolls will, in general, take effectively to a leash on the off chance that you start early) Later, they’ll enjoy a calming evening with your family as your children do homework or spend some quality family time.  

This breed was given their name for their floppy trademark. They are incredibly free-spirited and cherishing cats that are very kid friendly – due to their laid-back personality.  

Even though they can be quite big in size, they can still be gentle creatures. Ragdolls are very easygoing and amicable, and regularly seek human friendship, for example, pursuing individuals around the house, laying down with, or slumping around their owners.  

This breed is especially comfortable with kids and different pets, and they love to play. Once they are very comfortable with their owners, they will form a lifelong friendship that can serve as a significant help to your autistic child.   


Manx cats have many of the typical behaviors that many cats show – yet are faithful, warm, and perky like pooches. The Manx cat howl surprisingly sounds very unique; with many different variations. This adorable, yet calm and collected feline makes a wonderful pet for children and can show much interest in their family. You will probably hear their cushioned paws pursuing you throughout your home.

Manx cats also display many characteristics and behaviors similar to other animals. For example, many love to play with and appreciate water. However, their similarities to dogs don’t end there. Manx can be quite defensive at times, they may make some vocal sounds or might even attempt to attack a dog, other animal, or anyone or anything else that they think is a risk to their home or family.  

Manx felines are known for not having a tail. This is only one reason they are a great option for young children, simply due to the fact that because they don’t have a tail, children can’t pull on them and have a much lower chance at causing them discomfort.

Manx cats are amusing to have around the house and like Burmese cats, they are known to appreciate hugs. Likewise, they enjoy high altitudes, so don’t be astonished if you find your Manx feline watching and observing you from the highest point in your house. 

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Final Words: 

As we all know, Autism has no cure. Children with Autism sometimes can feel completely isolated, alone, and can struggle with living as a result.

Giving them a pet such as a cat can help them have positive interactions with others, as well as boost self-esteem and confidence.

Every cat has its own different unique and wonderful personality. We suggest you bring your child to the animal shelter to choose the kitty that they are most comfortable with. 

We hope this list of the best cat breeds for autistic children can give you some direction for a cat to choose for your individualistic and awesome child!

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